Author Topic: advice please. I feel like My husband doesn't love me anymore  (Read 446 times)

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advice please. I feel like My husband doesn't love me anymore
« on: February 26, 2018, 03:44:13 AM »
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Hello Everyone!

Advice welcome. My husband and I have been married for 11 years and I've been having problems with trust issues and about him not making me feel appreciated. A year ago I found some pictures of another woman on his phone (about 12-15 pictures to be exact), we are Christians but I feel like the internet can be a place of perdition when not used wisely. The young woman is very attractive younger than me (I am in my early 30's) and I was so disappointed when I found them because I felt betrayed. He apologized but a couple of months later I found a few other pictures in his trash folder of her, he denied them and said that they were from the first time I caught him. I've tried really hard to move on and forgive him but I guess I haven't. His excuse for the pictures was that he liked certain clothes that the girl was wearing (he screenshot them from her Fb).
I ask God to help me forgive him. However, I feel like his apology was not sincere because he tells me that I exaggerate and that he did nothing wrong. I strongly feel that he betrayed me and cheated on me emotionally if that even makes sense. He's a good father and can be a good husband but i don't feel appreciated at times. If I cry he doesn't console me, he doesn't comfort me and sometimes that's all I want. We had an argument last night because I brought up the picture issue and I started crying, he did nothing...I went to cry in the bathroom and when I came out he was asleep already. Sometimes I feel so alone and discouraged because I wish he would be more loving towards me. He's always helping everyone at our church and I feel like he worries more about everyone than me. Am I being too emotional,? Am I wrong in still feeling hurt and not getting over it? He does tell me that he loves me but it is usually when he wants to be with me. Please help


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