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  1. 2 Police Officials, Teacher Among 60 Arrested in Texas Child Sex Crime Sting Operation
  2. Wheaton College Football Players Plead Guilty, Avoid Felonies in Hazing Scandal
  3. [News] Hostility to Religion Rising Globally, Christians Targeted in 144 Nations: Pew Study
  4. [News] Pope Wants More Women in Church Leadership Positions but Rejects Female Priests
  5. Popular Arkansas Pastor Timothy Rogers Calls Hell a 'Fairytale' No Different Than Santa Claus
  6. Pastor, Grandfather Who Killed Walmart Gunman Emerges, Says He Was Forced to Protect Family
  7. [News] Jordan Peterson Warns Canadian Christians Their Religious Freedom Rights Are Eroding
  8. [News] Evangelist Quits Anglican Task Force Over Bishop's LGBT Affirmation
  9. Using SPLC 'Hate' Research Makes One 'Complicit' in 'Harmful Defamation,' Says Open Letter by 47 Groups
  10. Jack Phillips' Masterpiece Cakeshop Sees 3 Times More Customers Since Supreme Court Victory
  11. [News] Christian Woman Beaten, Bloodied, Chased Out by Hindu Attackers; Vows to Return With Gospel
  12. [News] 'We Encounter Jesus in Those Who Are Poor, Rejected, or Refugees': Pope Calls for End of Family Separations
  13. U.S Airlines Ask the Government Stop Using Them to Fly Separated Migrant Children
  14. Trump Signs Order to Detain Families Together Instead of Separating Them at the Border
  15. [News] Canada Now the Second Country to Legalize Recreational Marijuana Use
  16. [News] Tortured Chinese Pastor Breaks Out in Worship Song After Prison Release
  17. Pastor Takes Down Man on Shooting Rampage at Walmart
  18. Meet the Hero on a Mission to Transform Adoption
  19. 9 Abortionists Accused of Breaking Law, Failing to Report Possible Child Sex Crimes
  20. Peter Strzok, FBI Agent Who Sent Anti-Trump Texts, Escorted From Bureau
  21. Jeff Sessions Charged With 'Child Abuse' by Fellow Methodist Church Members for Border Family Separations
  22. Elon Musk Accuses Tesla Employee of 'Extensive and Damaging Sabotage'
  23. [News] University Students in Australia Could Fail Courses for Using 'Gender-Specific' Words Like 'Housewife'
  24. [News] In Many Countries Around the World Younger Generations Are Less Religious, Study Finds
  25. Hero Who Took Down Walmart Shooter Is a Pastor, Medic
  26. Texas Governor Promises Teen With Cancer He'll Fight to Ban All Abortions
  27. [News] U.S. Quits UN Human Rights Council Over 'Bias' Against Israel, Human Rights Abuse in Member Countries
  28. [News] US Withdrawing From UN Human Rights Council 'Cesspool;' Christian Watchdog Warns of Consequences
  29. Elite Girls School in New York Now Admitting Transgender Students
  30. Robert Jeffress Accuses Dallas Mayor of Religious 'Hostility' for Vilifying 'Christian Nation' Event
  31. U.S. 'Space Force': Trump Orders Pentagon to Establish Sixth Military Branch
  32. [News] Tim Keller Tells UK Politicians: Let Christians Be Different, True to Their Ideals
  33. [News] Pope Francis Condemns Parents Who Choose Abortion as Committing 'White Glove' Eugenics
  34. 'We Will Not Apologize': Trump DHS Chief Defends Immigration Policy of Separating Children From Parents
  35. Texas Deputy Charged With Sexually Abusing 4-Year Old Child While Threatening Her Mom With Deportation
  36. [News] Japan Earthquake: Death Toll Rises in the Wake of 6.1 Tremor Near Osaka
  37. [News] North Korean Defector Details Being Sold for $2,300 to Chinese Man, Raped in Regime Labor Camp
  38. Hundreds of Children Wait Inside Fences in Texas Border Patrol Facility
  39. SPLC Paying $3.3M to Ex-Muslim Activist in Settlement Proves They Can't Be Trusted, Conservatives Say
  40. [News] Christian Leaders Outraged 5 Men Sentenced to Death for Killing Fulani Herdsman in Self-Defense
  41. [News] Norway Took Baby From This American Mom; She Is Still Fighting for Her Son 5 Years Later
  42. Owners of the Bar That Launched the Modern LGBT Movement Call It a 'Gay Church'
  43. 'Sex Assigned at Birth' Will Be Taught After Virginia School Board Ignores Parents' Concerns
  44. 4 in 10 LGBT Americans Identify as Christian, Similar Number Unaffiliated, Poll Finds
  45. Twenty-Two Injured, One Shooter Dead in New Jersey Art Festival Shooting
  46. Texas Republican Party Endorses Marijuana Decriminalization
  47. [News] Pope: There Is Only One Type of Family, Man-Woman Marriage
  48. What Is Giant Hogweed? Invasive Plant That Causes 3rd-degree Burns, Blindness Spotted in Virginia
  49. 'Shocking Violation of the Spirit of the Gospel': United Methodist Church Slams Jeff Sessions' Use of Bible to Justify Migrant Family Separations
  50. [News] Rupert Everett: Gay Poet Oscar Wilde Was 'Better Than Christ' and More Human