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  1. [News] Is It Illegal to Say 'Women Don't Have Penises' in UK? Police Investigate, Mayor Gets Involved
  2. [News] 'We Showed No Care for the Little Ones': Pope Calls for Forgiveness, Action in Response to Sex Abuse Scandal
  3. Satanic Temple Unveils Giant Goat-Headed Statue as Christians Protest at Arkansas Capitol
  4. US Bishop Claims 'Homosexual Subculture' Within Catholic Hierarchy Behind 'Sickening' Child Sex Abuse
  5. [News] Some Muslims Seeing Jesus in Dreams, Missionary Claims as 2 Million Convene for Hajj Pilgrimage
  6. [News] US Missionary Arrested After Assaulting Hotel Staff, Using N-Word, Making Death Threats (VIDEO)
  7. [News] Christian Convert Explains Why She Wanted to Go to Hell as a Muslim, How Her View of God Changed
  8. Franklin Graham Blasts Chelsea Clinton's Claim 60 Million Abortions Added $3.5 Trillion to Economy
  9. Franklin Graham Blasts Chelsea Clinton's Claim 60 Million Abortions Added $3.5 Trillion to Economy
  10. Facebook Bans Activist Mommy Again for 'Hate Speech,' Claims It Was 'Mistake'
  11. Virginia Couple Threatened With Eviction for Hosting Bible Study Fight Back
  12. Patricia Heaton Says No Money to Catholic Church 'Until Everyone Who Abused or Abetted Is Gone'
  13. [News] Nepal: Law Criminalizing Evangelism, Conversions to Christianity Goes Into Effect
  14. [News] Germany Set to Allow 3rd Gender Option on Birth Certificates Instead of Only Male, Female
  15. Texas: Muslim Man Sentenced to Death for Killing Son-in-Law Over Daughter's Christian Conversion
  16. SoCal Harvest: Thousands to 'Take a Stand' for Bible Amid Greg Laurie's Billboard Controversy
  17. [News] Undercover Police Raid Worship Service in China, Assault Christians in Mass Arrest
  18. New Plagiarism Allegation Leveled Against Prominent Christian Counselor, Trump Adviser Tim Clinton
  19. New Mexico Muslim Family Claims Dead 3-Y-O Boy Will 'Return as Jesus' and Identify Evil Groups
  20. 'It Is Legal to Pray in School' Campaign Seeks to Overcome '50 Years of Misconception'
  21. Community Reaches Out to Couple Who Accidentally Started Carr Fire: 'Ocean of Compassion, Love and Grace'
  22. [News] Prominent Lesbian Activist Renounces Homosexuality After Being Saved by Christ
  23. [News] Indian Pastor and Son Beaten Mercilessly With Sticks and Clubs After Leaving Prayer Meeting
  24. 1,800 Soldiers Have Professed Faith in Christ at Missouri Army Base in Last 6 Months
  25. [News] Cinema Chain That Banned Ex-Gay Christian Film Settles Lawsuit
  26. 13-Y-O Boy Struck by Lightning Thanks God for Saving His Life
  27. All Florida School Buildings Required to Display 'In God We Trust'
  28. [News] Cinema Chain That Banned Ex-Gay Documentary Settles Lawsuit With Christian Group
  29. Minnesota Pastor Resigns Over Affair With Congregant, Escapes Criminal Charge
  30. Potential James Dobson Successor, Trump Adviser Tim Clinton Denies Plagiarism Allegations
  31. [News] Canada's Largest Private Christian University Drops Ban on Same-Sex Relationships
  32. [News] Sudan Drops Charges Against Church Leaders Who Refused to Give Up Denominational Control
  33. University of Iowa Reinstates Nearly 40 Student Groups After InterVarsity Files Lawsuit
  34. Therapies for Unwanted Same-Sex Attraction Are Effective, Study Finds
  35. Ben Carson Reveals the Death-Defying Moment He Truly Embraced God
  36. Indiana Catholic School May Fire Counselor in Same-Sex Marriage for Violating Policy
  37. [News] Egypt: Coptic Church Attack Thwarted, 1 Person Killed by Suicide Bomber
  38. Charlottesville Clergy Hold Interfaith Service to Mark 1-Year Anniversary of Violent White Supremacist Rally
  39. 3 Teenagers Killed, 10 Injured After Church Van Crashes During End-of-Summer Trip
  40. Texas Shooter Devin Kelley Regretted Killing 26 People Inside Church; Widow Says She Still Loves Him
  41. [News] Iran Ramping Up Persecution Against Christians as US Imposes New Sanctions
  42. [News] Belgium Euthanizing 9, 11-Y-O Children: Report
  43. [News] Erdogan Admits Turkey Ignored Deadline to Free Pastor Brunson, Blames Trump 'Plot' as Economy Tanks
  44. [News] US Congress Urges India's Modi to Protect Christians, Condemn Attacks on Minorities
  45. Teen Sends God Prayer on Balloon Asking for Help, Pastor Responds
  46. [News] Trump Evangelical Adviser 'Adopts' 81-Y-O Muslim Prisoner of Conscience
  47. [News] Cameroon: Over 2,000 Killed, 170 Villages Burned as Military Seizes Churches
  48. [News] NHS Faces Lawsuit for Not Funding Fertility Services for Transgenders Who Want Kids
  49. United Methodist Retreat Town Votes to Allow Non-Christians to Own Homes
  50. Facebook Continues Censorship of 'Warriors for Christ' Page, Pastor Says