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  1. Ex-LGBT Freedom Marchers to Testify to Holy Spirit's Transforming Power in Los Angeles
  2. Myanmar: Priests, Nuns, Christian Teachers Expelled Amid Crackdown
  3. [News] Iraqi Christians Rebuilding Homeland With Help From Trump Admin, Knights of Columbus
  4. Sexual Abuse Allegation Against Paul Pressler, Leader of So. Baptist Conservative Resurgence, Dismissed
  5. [News] Trump Admin. Working With Catholic Group to Help Iraqi Christians Rebuild Their Homeland
  6. March for Life 2019 Theme Revealed: Asks People to Imagine World Without MLK, Einstein, Rosa Parks
  7. Twitter Locks Out Christian Conservative News Site Over Old Tweet About Gay Sex Health Risks
  8. [News] Trump Admin. Teams Up With Catholic Group to Help Iraqi Christians Rebuild Their Homeland
  9. Twitter Locked Out Christian Conservative News Site Over Old Tweet About Gay Sex Health Risks
  10. Not 'Fake Clinics': Pregnancy Centers Debunk Major Misconceptions About Their Work
  11. [News] China's 'Ultimate Goal Is to Eliminate All Religion,' Priest Warns
  12. Pastor Barred From Leading Georgia School Football Team in Prayer After Complaint
  13. [News] Scholars Condemn Lack of Academic Freedom to Be Critical of Transgender Ideology
  14. Nearly Half of Children Born in the US Have Parents Who Are Not Married
  15. SWBTS Trustees Affirm Paige Patterson Firing Despite Opposition, Approve Search Committee
  16. [News] Canadian Group Calls Out Facebook, Twitter for Censorship, Labeling Pro-Life Posts as 'Hate Speech'
  17. [News] Christian Group Demands UK Gov't Explain What It's Doing to Stop Muslim Rape Gangs
  18. 'Gosnell' Movie Exposing Abortion Clinic Horrors Likened to 'Spotlight,' Catholic Abuse Cover-Up
  19. Christian Filmmakers Fight Back Against Minnesota Law Requiring Them to Work Same-Sex Weddings
  20. [News] Anti-Slavery Day 2018: Huge Increase in Child Victims; Christians Campaign With Tattoos, Prayers
  21. [News] Evangelical Churches in Cuba Warn of 'Total Destruction' If Gay Marriage Becomes Law
  22. Christian Woman Outraged Companies Invoked 1851 Law to Deny Liability in Duck Boat Tragedy
  23. Drug Use Caused Texas Driver to Crash Into Church Bus, Killing 13, NTSB Says
  24. [News] Canadian City Can't Censor Christian Group's Ads Warning of Trans 'Women' in Showers, Court Rules
  25. [News] Andrew Brunson Spent Hours Praying to Keep Sane in Solitary Confinement Inside Turkish Prison
  26. 65-Y-O Pro-Life Activist Punched in Face, Beaten While Praying at Planned Parenthood Abortion Clinic
  27. [News] Turkey Cracks Down on More Christians: US Missionary Arrested, Interrogated, Ordered to Leave
  28. [News] In Final Book, Stephen Hawking Says There Is No God, No Heaven
  29. [News] Russian Orthodox Church Cuts Ties With Global Orthodox Community; Worst Schism Since 1054?
  30. [News] Christian Doctor Fired for Refusing to Dispense Birth Control Wins Norway Supreme Court Case
  31. Atlanta Reaches $1.2M Settlement With Ex-Fire Chief Fired Over Christian Views on Sex, Marriage
  32. [News] 12 Christians Arrested in Sudan for Sharing Gospel With Muslims
  33. [News] Iran Is Witnessing 'One of Fastest Growing Church Movements,' but Christians Face Intense Persecution
  34. Most Evangelicals Believe God Accepts Worship of All Religions, Study Shows
  35. [News] 'Inhuman, Ungodly': Boko Haram Executes 2nd Hostage, Says Leah Sharibu Will Be 'Slave for Life'
  36. [News] Muslims Launch Nationwide Campaign to Get Asia Bibi Hanged, Threaten Supreme Court Judges
  37. Christian Leaders, Home Church of Pastor Andrew Brunson Celebrate His Freedom
  38. 1.3K Sign Up for NYC Witchcraft Event to Put Hex on Brett Kavanaugh, 'All Rapists and Patriarchy'
  39. Court Sentences Man to 22 Years for Putting Abortion-Inducing Drug in Girlfriend's Drink
  40. [News] Northern Irish Christian Bakers Who Won Gay Cake Case: 4-Year Long Legal Battle 'Absolutely Worth It'
  41. [News] Middle East Christians Risking All, Preaching in Deadly Muslim Areas
  42. Family Physicians Org. Takes 'Neutral' Stance on Assisted Suicide
  43. Pastor Andrew Brunson, Wife Pray for Trump to Have 'Supernatural Wisdom,' 'Fear of the Lord'
  44. Virginia Couple Threatened With Eviction for Holding Bible Study File Complaint With HUD
  45. [News] Canadian Hospital Unveils Assisted Suicide Plans for Kids, Parents Won't Know Until Child Is Dead
  46. [News] Muslim Family Risks Death to Prevent Ancient Christian Manuscripts From Being Destroyed by ISIS
  47. [News] 5 Things That Happened at Andrew Brunson's Court Hearing in Turkey
  48. Virginia School Bans All Songs Mentioning 'Jesus' at Annual Christmas Concert
  49. Pastor of Peace-Loving Church Beaten to Death in Dispute Over Grass Clippings, Police Say
  50. [News] Egypt Sentences 17 Islamic Militants to Death for Coptic Christian Church Killings