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  1. Instagram Removes Baptist Ministry's Post on Why Only Men Should Be Pastors, Then Apologizes
  2. Colorado U Denies Apologetics Student Group Official Status for Requiring Members Be Christian
  3. Christian Women's Shelter Sues City Over Complaint Saying It Must Admit Transgender Females
  4. Christian Women's Shelter Sues City for Ordering It to Admit Transgender Females
  5. Christian Alternative to Boy Scouts Sees Boost in Interest Amid Girl Scouts Lawsuit Against BSA
  6. [News] Egypt: Man Wielding 'Sharp Tool,' Quran Attacks Christians at Prayer Service
  7. [News] 'A Scene From Hell': Christians Talk Being Bloodied, Pelted Wih Stones, Metal by Muslim Mob in Kenya
  8. Megachurch Pastor Victor Couzens Wanted for Aggravated Harassment, NYPD Confirms
  9. Parents Outraged After Sex Ed Video of Same-Sex Kissing, Sexual Touching Is Shown to Kids
  10. [News] Bible Students Escape Mynamar Army: Not Fed for Days, Suffering Health, Psychological Problems
  11. Liberty University Professor Charged With Attempted Murder of Wife
  12. 'Her Faith is Under Fire': Franklin Graham Supports Calif. Christian Student Attacked for LGBT Views
  13. [News] India: Christians' Homes Destroyed by Extremists, Families Convert Back to Tribal Hinduism Amid Fears
  14. [News] Nigeria 'Aiding' Boko Haram by Freeing Hundreds of Jihadis Who've Repented, Activist Warns
  15. Anti-Porn Activist: 'Ethically Sourced' Porn 'Sounds Like an Oxymoron'
  16. [News] Early Depiction of Jesus Discovered in Israel: Curly Hair, Long Face, 'Not Like Western Image'
  17. [News] Christians Dragged Out of Cars and Beaten, Haunted With Fear as Asia Bibi Case Tears Pakistan Apart
  18. Hundreds Remember Christian Newlyweds Killed in Helicopter Crash at Memorial Service
  19. Pro-lifers Aghast at Pro-Abortion Ad Arguing Live Baby Girl 'Should Be a Choice'
  20. Christian UC-Berkeley Student Senator Refuses to Resign Over Belief Gender Is Not a Choice
  21. [News] 'Defecating on the Altar': Myanmar's Spiritual Assault on Kachin Christians
  22. [News] Proposed Amendments Could Close Churches, Seminaries in Bulgaria, Christian Leaders Fear
  23. 'This Must Be What Hell's Going to Be': 31 Dead, Hundreds Missing in California Fires
  24. [News] Finding God Through Techno Mass? Hundreds Pack Berlin Church for DJ Pastor's Worship Service
  25. Satanic Temple Sues Netflix, Warner Bros. for Depicting Baphomet Statue in 'Sabrina' Series
  26. [News] Scotland Becomes First Country to Require Schools to Teach LGBT Curriculum
  27. [News] Samaritan's Purse Responds to Accusation Operation Christmas Child Is 'Anti-Muslim Proselytizing'
  28. [News] 35,000 Christian Palestinians 'Losing Hope,' Awaiting One-State or Two-State Solution
  29. [News] UK Cinema Rejects Christian Movie on Bible Comforting WWI Soldiers for Being Too Religious
  30. [News] ISIS Bus Attack Survivors Recount Horrors of Seeing Parents, Children Killed: '4 Families Destroyed'
  31. 'I Hope to God Nobody Sends Me Anymore Prayers,' Says Mom Whose Son Is Killed After Surviving Vegas Shooting
  32. Utah Lawmakers Urged to Remove 'Clergy Exemption' From Reporting Child Abuse
  33. Candace Owens Says Left Enjoys 'Making Fun' of Jesus Christ, 'Wants to Replace God With Gov't'
  34. Man Wearing 'I Love Jesus' Hat Breaks Into Church, Tears Out Bible Pages and Spray-Paints Walls
  35. Anne Graham Lotz Vows to Spread Father Billy Graham's Message About Christ in Cancer Battle
  36. [News] Cameroon Details How American Missionary Was Killed; Journalist Jailed for Blaming Gov't
  37. [News] 'Barbaric': 4 Catholic Priests Ambushed, Kidnapped by Armed Gunmen in Nigeria
  38. Church Loses Polling License Over Sign Rebuking Christians Who Vote for Democrats
  39. 'There Really Is a Devil': Pastors Offer Condolences, Prayers in Response to Calif. Mass Shooting
  40. [News] 69-Y-O Asks Court to Declare Him 49, Cites Transgender Ideology, American Thinking, Trump, Tinder
  41. California Man Tries to Hijack Bus Full of Children, Says 'Jesus Is Coming, I Must Go to Mission'
  42. [News] Asia Bibi Freed From Prison, Reunited With Family but Stuck in Pakistan Awaiting Asylum
  43. [News] Trump Sends State Department to Nigeria Amid Massacre of Hundreds of Christians by Islamic Radicals
  44. Lutheran Pastor Defends 'Ethically Sourced Porn,' Wants to Remove 'Shame' From Industry
  45. NJ Priest Resigns Amid Allegations of Stealing $500K From Church for 'Compulsive Behaviors'
  46. 17-Y-O Shot While Praying to God for Strength in Texas Home, Praises God for Survival
  47. Girl Scouts Sue Boy Scouts for Causing Confusion With Gender Neutral Rebranding
  48. [News] Cameroon: 79 Kidnapped Presbyterian Schoolchildren Returned, but 'Tortured,' Church Officials Say
  49. [News] New Video Shows Aftermath of Shooting Between Rival Pentecostal Church Members in South Africa
  50. [News] Asia Bibi's 'Shattered' Family Begs for Help, Has 'Nothing to Eat;' Christian Mother Still Jailed