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Hi Everyone, I'm new here and i thought I should share this :)

It's basically a lot of modern christian music that you can listen to for hours.
There's indie, acoustics, electronica and a lot more.

My personal favourites are

1.Great Awakening - Restution
Definitely a feel good song for a long drive, fun to sing along to too

2. Tyler Batts - To the Very End
This song is for anyone that's feeling down and needs a pull up. If you're having trouble with anything really; sin, the world, trusting God.
It has an Imagine Dragons kinda vibe

3. A Jesus Church - Carry your name
This is a song I have not gotten tired of! While it sounds like your typical worship song, the instrumentals give it an indie twist that just makes it sound divine. The message is quite powerful as well and I could honestly sing it for ages.

4. Look Above Earth - So Will I (100 Billion X) [Hillsong United]
I've always liked this song because of the lyrics; this rearrangement of the Hillsong version made me like it a whole lot more

5.Waken - Dwell
Another song good for a drive, or just listening to in the background

6. WYLD - Found you ft. CASS
Get ready to dance! I'd recommend this for anyone that's into today's pop radio hits.

7. Tayler Amstrong - Tender demo
Acoustic Unedited
If you like raw unfiltered slow clear music, this is for you. It has lyrics in the description too so you can sing along :)

8. Holly Ann - Healer
Another very clear feel good song, fan of pianos? give this track a chance

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