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  1. A Random Encounter In A Diner On Memorial Day Shows Exactly Where America Is Heading. - End Of The American Dream
  2. Satanic Temple Rejects Supreme Court Ruling on Aborted Baby Bodies, Claims Religious Freedom
  3. Seven Reasons Why I Believe in THE VIRGIN BIRTH OF CHRIST by Dr. Ian R. K. Paisley. From the book, Christian Foundations.
  4. U.S. believes Russia conducting low-level nuclear tests
  5. Democrats should forget impeachment and turn the page (Opinion) - CNN
  6. US looks like a ‘war zone’ after 500 tornadoes in 30 days
  7. Trump weighs plan to choke off asylum for Central Americans - POLITICO
  8. UPDATE: Kansas Tornadoes Destroy Homes and Injure at Least a Dozen People
  9. A Tornado 'Miraculously' Changed Direction Just Before It Was Going To Slam Into A Children's Hospital
  10. Rare Tornado Warning Issued for New York City
  11. The Media Won't Say It, but Christians Are the No. 1 Persecuted Group Worldwide
  12. Rocker Alice Cooper Proud to Be a Rebel Like Jesus, the One Who Freed Him from a Life of Sin
  13. Baylor University Prayer Denounces “Straight White Men”
  14. Poll shock: Trump surpasses Obama on top issues; Gallup warns Democrats - World Tribune: Window on the Real World
  15. Last remaining abortion clinic in Missouri says it expects to be shut down this week
  16. China, Russia to boycott White House-backed economic workshop in Bahrain - World Tribune: Window on the Real World
  17. Multiple tornadoes strike Dayton and Western Ohio, at least 7 injured
  18. Christians are targets of violence around the globe - The Christian Post
  19. DEVELOPING: Children among victims after knifeman attacks 16 people in park rampage in Japan
  20. Obama's Occidental College Transcripts: Indonesian National, Islamic Religion | THE PITTSBURGH PRESS
  21. California Is Shaken By More Than 80 Earthquakes As Chile Is Hit By The Largest Quake In 12 Years
  22. American Soil Is Being Globalized: Nearly 30 Million Acres Of U.S. Farmland Is Now Owned By Foreigners
  23. Meteor flyby near Coast of Australia registered the power of a nuclear bomb
  24. Unto the Nations: 71 - the number of God's government in the Bible - Opinion - Jerusalem Post
  25. IRONIC: Owners of biblical replica of Noah’s ark sue over … rain damage
  26. Israel vs. Russia: The Middle East War That Could Become a Nuclear Train Wreck | The National Interest
  27. How an electromagnetic pulse could cause our entire society to collapse
  28. DAYS OF LOT: First Same-Sex Couples Marry in Taiwan
  29. Trump and Kim Jong-un 'AGREE in their assessment' of Joe Biden, Sarah Sanders says | Daily Mail Online
  30. Southern Angola facing worst drought in decades, 2.3 million at risk of suffering malnutrition
  31. The 4 fears used to manipulate Americans - WND
  32. FALLING AWAY: Left-Leaning Methodist Leaders Vow ‘Resistance Tactics’ to Fight Church’s Support of Biblical Marriage
  33. Millennials not saving money due to climate change - WND
  34. DEVELOPING: Syrian doctor describes latest alleged chemical attack as US mulls response
  35. Pompeo: John Kerry violated Logan Act - WND
  36. Another Church Building Sealed Shut in Algeria
  37. Trump: 'Crazy' Nancy Pelosi 'a mess' - WND
  38. Officials fighting US measles outbreaks threaten to use rare air travel ban
  39. Top climatologist: Our models can't be trusted - WND
  40. Target stores donate $100K to LGBT nonprofit that promotes ‘inclusive’ K-12 schools
  41. REPORT: 400 Mexican cartel traffickers, hit-men and criminals have entered Canada since Trudeau eased Visa requirements - The Post Millennial
  42. Los Angeles County bans official travel to Alabama due to abortion bill
  43. American flag won't come down under any circumstance: Camping World CEO Marcus Lemonis | Fox Business
  44. John Paul Jackson Warned That Giant Tsunamis Are Coming To Both The East Coast And The West Coast
  45. Republican launches fresh push to defund sanctuary cities after courts block Trump | Fox News
  46. DEVELOPING: Storm-weary residents of central US to face more violent weather in advance of Memorial Day weekend
  47. AG William Barr given power to declassify documents on surveillance activities into Trump campaign
  48. The Happiest of All Wives in America Are Religious Conservatives
  49. Trump gives AG Barr authority to declassify documents related to 2016 campaign surveillance | Fox News
  50. RUMORS OF WAR: Pentagon may send up to 10,000 troops to Mideast