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  1. IS REAL CIVIAL WAR COMING.....Universal's 'The Hunt' that satirizes killing of 'deplorables' slammed online, called 'beyond sick' and 'disturbing' | Fox News
  2. The Fierce Amorites and the First King of the Babylonian Empire | Ancient Origins
  3. Christian group warns against rise of 'Christian nationalism' | TheHill
  4. Saudi Prince Plans City With Human Gene Editing, Artificial Rain
  5. White House drafting order on tech industry 'censorship' - POLITICO
  6. 'We have to fight for our rights': Is Russia ready to defy Vladimir Putin? | World news | The Guardian
  7. Trey Gowdy calls secret document 'game-changer' - WND
  8. Connor Betts, Ohio gunman, was Elizabeth Warren supporter - Washington Times
  9. Ohio Shooter Was A Hardcore Leftist Democrat
  10. 'One Child Nation': Inside China's Horrifying Child-Killing Policy
  11. Mulvaney: Not fair to lay shootings 'at the feet of the president' | TheHill
  12. Republican senator introduces bill condemning socialism, calls it 'chilling and concerning' | Fox News
  13. Top Iranian General: 'Iran will Never Negotiate with Trump' - Breaking Israel News | Latest News. Biblical Perspective.
  14. White House: Trump won't Present Peace Plan to Arab Leaders Before Israel Elections - Breaking Israel News | Latest News. Biblical Perspective.
  15. Brightest Explosions in the Universe Decoded in Jerusalem -
  16. Israel attacks Syrian border town of Qunetria, report says
  17. Hamas terrorist breaches Gaza border, shoots IDF officer, two infantrymen
  18. 'Tough guy' arrested in latest water-dousing incident on NYPD officers, commissioner says | Fox News
  19. Lindsey Graham: Mueller 'tried to scare people into ratting on Trump' -- but it didn't work | Fox News
  20. Far-left demand for universal daycare is really about indoctrinating our children | Opinion | LifeSite
  21. They Thought She Was Crazy: Doctor Extracts RFID Chip from Sex Trafficking Victim
  22. Lynne Patton: President Trump Has Given $16 Billion to Baltimore | BUNKERVILLE | God, Guns and Guts Comrades!
  23. Mark of the beast? Thousands of Swedes become microchipped | News | LifeSite
  24. Elon Musk wants to hook your brain directly up to computers - starting next year
  25. Kill the Sugar Before It Kills You: 'Sugar Is the Source of All Chronic Disease' | CBN News
  26. DAILY RECAP: Trump Wants Camp David Peace Talks; Israel Approves Palestinian Housing; Right-Wing Party Surge; More Top News
  27. Bully knocks MAGA hat off student's head, rips away his Trump flag in high school hallway - TheBlaze
  28. Central American migrants are giving up on asylum because of this Trump policy - and going home - TheBlaze
  29. The List of Clinton Associates Who Allegedly Died Mysteriously. Check It Out. - CBS Las Vegas
  30. (264) Wake Up Oh Sleeper or Be Shaken - YouTube
  31. Village of Hope for the homeless-Intro part 1 - YouTube
  32. Trump announces 'landmark agreement' with Guatemala to restrict asylum claims | Fox News
  33. "California Is Being Overrun By Rodents" - And In This Case We Aren't Talking About The Politicians
  34. Former Mexican cop illegally in US is charged with trafficking enough fentanyl to kill more than 10 million people | Fox News
  35. Trump vows retaliatory tariff on France, slams 'foolish' tax on American tech giants | Fox News
  36. MSNBC host says Dems are 'at war' with Trump and won't 'necessarily play fair' | Fox News
  37. Nadler repeats faulty claim, corrected by Mueller, about why Trump was not indicted | Fox News
  38. Exclusive tour of California immigration facility contradicts claims of inhumane conditions, overcrowding | Fox News
  39. Tucker Carlson: The Russia hoax is over and it's time to hold people accountable for years of lies. | Fox News
  40. A Prince's $500 Billion Desert Dream: Flying Cars, Robot Dinosaurs and a Giant Artificial Moon - WSJ
  41. Scientists almost didn't detect approach of 'city-killer asteroid' - Laredo Morning Times
  42. CIA Agent Predicts Deep State Indictments - Conservative Daily Post
  43. Rush Limbaugh: Mueller just a 'figurehead' - WND
  44. Schiff: 'I Would Be Delighted If We Had a Prospect of Removing Him Through Impeachment But We Don't' | Breitbart
  45. Royal Navy warship becomes first to escort British tankers through Gulf strait - Laredo Morning Times
  46. Iran fires ballistic missile 1,000km in provocative test amid tanker row with US and UK - The Sun
  47. Swimmer dies from rare brain-eating amoeba at North Carolina water park, reports say | Fox News
  48. Civil War? "Borat" Director Makes Insane Recommendation To Unhinged Leftists | Tea Party Pac
  49. Ex-MSNBC host Krystal Ball rips former network over Russian hoax: 'Rachel Maddow, you've got some explaining to do' | Fox News
  50. NYPD Says Man Seen Drenching Officer with Water Has Been Arrested... Turns Out He's a Gang Member, Police Say