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  1. Ocasio-Cortez: Cutting Military Aid to Israel 'Certainly on the Table'
  2. Israeli Archaeologists Uncover Jesus’ Last Supper Room in a Way You’ve Never Seen Before
  3. Immigrant pummeled by 2 men for wearing 'MAGA' hat: Maryland police | Fox News
  4. How This Ungodly Habit Is Destroying Your Family
  5. Photos show center of Notre Dame cathedral miraculously intact
  6. Weakening Of Earth’s Magnetic Field Accelerating approximately 5% per century
  7. Hypocrites! Dem mayors aghast at Trump plan for illegals - WND
  8. PA School Board Decrees ‘In God We Trust’ Can Be Displayed in Local Schools
  9. More than 10,000 illegals in U.S. from terrorist countries - WND
  10. Half of Pastors Afraid of Speaking on Controversial Issues, Offending Congregation
  11. Sanctuary supporters urged to adopt an illegal - WND
  12. 3 Portals for Demonic Entry That Are Destroying the US
  13. YouTube links Notre Dame fire to 9/11 attacks - WND
  14. Amazon reportedly has a team that listens to Alexa conversations
  15. CBS drama 'The Good Fight' sparks outrage after tweeting 'Assassinate,' 'President,' and 'Trump' | Fox News
  16. UPDATE: Mysterious E. coli outbreak expands in 5 states, 96 people diagnosed
  17. US sees Egypt energy forum as 'roadmap to Middle East peace' | McClatchy Washington Bureau
  18. ‘Retail apocalypse’ now: Analysts say 75,000 more U.S. stores could be doomed.
  19. Trump considering sending illegals to sanctuary cities - WND
  20. SIGNS IN THE HEAVENS: Asteroid Apophis could strike the earth on Friday 13, 2029
  21. Why Trump drives the D.C. Establishment nuts - WND
  22. Netanyahu Wakes Up to Victory After Most of Israel’s Votes Counted
  23. Russia Says 'New World Order' Being Formed - Tsarizm
  24. PROPHECY WATCH: Abbas Adviser Says Palestinians Will Review Trump Peace Proposal
  25. Brandon Judd: A red wave is rising - and the Democrats are powerless to stop it | Fox News
  26. Openly Gay Charismatic Worship Leader Performs Lauren Daigle Song on ‘American Idol’
  27. Bill Barr Just Let Us Know the Hunters Are About to Become the Hunted
  28. US designates Iran’s Revolutionary Guards a terror organization
  29. Dem Aide Pleads Guilty In Kavanaugh Smear Job, Goes Straight To Jail - KAG Daily
  30. Boy Who Came Back to Life After an Hour Shares Details of His Resurrection
  31. AOC faces backlash for telling war vet Crenshaw he should 'go do something' about domestic terror
  32. 4.4 magnitude earthquake strikes Montana followed by 3.5 aftershock
  33. Trump, tell Bibi: U.S. wont' start war with Iran - WND
  34. Real-life Jurassic Park as scientists confident of cloning extinct Stone Age creature
  35. Nunes sends criminal referral in review of Russia probe - WND
  36. Number of Kids Visiting ER with Suicidal Thoughts, Attempts Has Doubled
  37. New study refutes climate-change alarm - WND
  38. Judge Warns: No Right to ‘Visual Bodily Privacy’ for High School Girls
  39. New Jersey mansion murders spur calls for state to reinstate death penalty | Fox News
  40. US military intervention on the table for Venezuela
  41. Half of Pastors Worry They'll Offend Someone if They Preach on Controversial Topics - Faithwire
  42. Pro-Life Pastor Destroys Roe v. Wade in Front of Phoenix City Council
  43. Rep. Waltz: Assange and Manning have 'blood on their hands' | Fox News
  44. Dozens have fallen ill during a five-state E. Coli outbreak, and nobody knows where it’s coming from
  45. The seven-year itch: Assange's awkward stay in the embassy | Media | The Guardian
  46. A mysterious and new germ is quietly spreading across the Globe
  47. Turkey issues Trump DIRE fighter jet warning - We'll go to RUSSIA! | World | News |
  48. Major study debunks myth that moderate drinking can be healthy
  49. Freedom Of Health Is Being Destroyed All Over The Western World | Zero Hedge
  50. Michigan county takes down billboard accused of being pro-abortion; issues apology