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Joe Rogans Mask
« on: March 29, 2019, 09:19:08 PM »
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Who produced the show, who masterminded it?

Kunitz domains are the active domains of proteins that inhibit the function of protein degrading enzymes or, more specifically, domains of Kunitz-type are protease inhibitors. They are relatively small with a length of about 50 to 60 amino acids and a molecular weight of 6 kDa.

In mathematics, a Hurwitz polynomial, named after Adolf Hurwitz, is a polynomial whose roots (zeros) are located in the left half-plane of the complex plane or on the imaginary axis, that is, the real part of every root is zero or negative. Such a polynomial must have coefficients that are positive real numbers.

So polynomials are important after all.

adjective: polynomial

    consisting of several terms.

noun: polynomial; plural noun: polynomials

    an expression of more than two algebraic terms, especially the sum of several terms that contain different powers of the same variable(s).

A key:
The hidden math behind Alice in Wonderland
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