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  1. [Video] CBN NewsWatch: August 20, 2018
  2. [NEWS] Border wall construction progresses in New Mexico
  3. [NEWS] Tea Party wins $3.5 million payout in victory over the IRS
  4. [NEWS] NYU offers full scholarships to medical students
  5. [NEWS] Former top intelligence officials come to Brennan's defense
  6. [NEWS] District attorney reopens case of slain 1940s NAACP activist
  7. [NEWS] Commemorating the 75th anniversary of the USS Intrepid
  8. [NEWS] '90 Day Fiance's' Jesse nervous about meeting Darcy’s kids
  9. [NEWS] Mary Jo Buttafuoco tells all on Amy Fisher scandal
  10. [NEWS] Why is Batman now an atheist?
  11. [NEWS] Ward: No one wants another senator in mold of Flake, McCain
  12. [NEWS] Boy repeatedly stabs girl in high school auditorium
  13. [NEWS] Report: Security video shows Watts loading bags into pickup
  14. [NEWS] White House speaks out on fate of more security clearances
  15. [NEWS] Docs reveal DOJ's Ohr was deeply connected to Trump dossier
  16. [NEWS] Video shows Denver mayor's son threatening police officer
  17. [NEWS] Florida police: Man broke into house, stole pit bull
  18. [NEWS] Florida police: Man broke into house, stole pit bull
  19. [NEWS] The left's best bet in 2020?
  20. [NEWS] Tributes pour in for Aretha Franklin
  21. [NEWS] SoldierStrong helps paralyzed Navy veteran walk again
  22. [Video] CBN NewsWatch: August 17, 2018
  23. [NEWS] Husband confesses to killing pregnant wife, kids: reports
  24. [NEWS] Aretha Franklin dead at 76, remembering the 'Queen of Soul'
  25. [NEWS] DA to appeal release of suspects at New Mexico compound
  26. [NEWS] Kudlow: Economic boom is the political story of the year
  27. [NEWS] National forecast for Thursday, August 16
  28. [NEWS] Suspect in New Mexico compound case lived in US illegally
  29. [Video] CBN NewsWatch: August 16, 2018
  30. [NEWS] Parkland students return for new school year
  31. [NEWS] Fallout out from decision to revoke John Brennan's clearance
  32. [NEWS] Andrew Cuomo: America was 'never that great'
  33. [NEWS] 101-year-old celebrates birthday at Taco Bell
  34. [NEWS] Manafort jury prepares to hear closing arguments
  35. [NEWS] White House facing questions over ugly Trump-Omarosa feud
  36. [NEWS] Leah Vukmir defeats Kevin Nicholson in Wisconsin
  37. [NEWS] Is Roger Stone next on Robert Mueller's list?
  38. [NEWS] Ed Henry presses Katrina Pierson over recorded Omarosa call
  39. [Video] CBN NewsWatch: August 15, 2018
  40. [NEWS] Terror attacks in Europe: A timeline
  41. [NEWS] Lt. Gov. Kleefisch: Education is key for Wisconsin voters
  42. [NEWS] A call for civilians to 'Stand Tall' for America's heroes
  43. [NEWS] California cooked books to sell solar panel mandate
  44. [NEWS] Army specialist honored by Trump at defense bill signing
  45. [NEWS] Businessman running for governor gets support from Trump Jr.
  46. [NEWS] National forecast for Tuesday, August 14
  47. [NEWS] US Army Special Forces soldier killed in action
  48. [Video] CBN NewsWatch: August 14, 2018
  49. [NEWS] Data recorder, human remains found after Seattle plane crash
  50. [NEWS] White House fires back at Omarosa over recordings