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  1. [NEWS] Lynyrd Skynyrd talks farewell tour, most famous songs
  2. [Video] CBN NewsWatch: June 22, 2018
  3. [NEWS] Surveillance video shows ATM explosion
  4. [NEWS] Tucker vs. Jorge Ramos: Mexico's election and immigration
  5. [NEWS] Bret Baier: Krauthammer was wise, caring and hysterical
  6. [NEWS] Jacket first lady Melania wore to Texas sparks controversy
  7. [NEWS] Paul McCartney reveals Kanye West's unique writing process
  8. [Video] CBN NewsWatch: June 21, 2018
  9. [NEWS] Dean Cain trades in 'Superman' cape for police badge
  10. [NEWS] ICE agent falsely accused of having Nazi tattoo
  11. [NEWS] Rep. McCaul: Dems want to make immigration a campaign issue
  12. [NEWS] Pediatrician describes conditions inside tender care center
  13. [NEWS] Swalwell: Strzok had 'zero' to do with start of Russia probe
  14. [NEWS] Bill McGurn calls for Rod Rosenstein's impeachment
  15. [NEWS] Booming economy giving boost to entrepreneurs
  16. [NEWS] National forecast for Wednesday, June 20
  17. [NEWS] White House explains withdrawal from UN Human Rights Council
  18. [Video] CBN NewsWatch: June 20, 2018
  19. [NEWS] House gearing up for marathon hearing on IG report
  20. [NEWS] Firefighters suspended after porn videos surface on internet
  21. [NEWS] Viral video: School receptionist belts Etta James
  22. [NEWS] Rep. Meadows to introduce bill on migrant family separation
  23. [NEWS] After the Show Show: Summer smells in NYC
  24. [NEWS] A mentalist’s ‘prediction’ trick
  25. [Video] CBN NewsWatch: June 19, 2018
  26. [NEWS] Trump derides Democrats on immigration
  27. [NEWS] White House defends enforcement of immigration laws
  28. [NEWS] U.N. Secretary General's statement on migrant children
  29. [NEWS] Fireworks expected at hearing on bombshell IG report
  30. [NEWS] White House fires back at immigration critics
  31. [NEWS] Business wins fight with town over 'excessive' flags
  32. [NEWS] Inside look at California shelter for migrant children
  33. [NEWS] Bystander kills armed carjacker in Walmart parking lot
  34. [NEWS] Dr. Zuhdi Jasser on terror threats facing the United States
  35. [Video] CBN NewsWatch: June 18, 2018
  36. [NEWS] Stocks record modest losses amid US-China trade dispute
  37. [NEWS] Two Kansas City sheriff's deputies killed in shooting
  38. [NEWS] Two immigration bills expected from House GOP
  39. [NEWS] Man aims to mow lawns in all 50 states for veterans, elderly
  40. [NEWS] 3 Doors Down performs 'Here without You'
  41. [NEWS] Former NYPD commissioner Bernard Kerik reacts to IG report
  42. [NEWS] Have U.S. efforts to help prosecuted Christians worked?
  43. [NEWS] Sen. Toomey: US headed down a bad path with tariffs
  44. [NEWS] Trump gives an impromptu news conference
  45. [NEWS] WSJ columnist: China will fight back if growth is threatened
  46. [NEWS] Judge orders Manafort to jail amid witness tampering charges
  47. [NEWS] Rider arrested after rogue horse tramples boy at parade
  48. [NEWS] Rob Reiner: De Niro f-bomb not helpful to Trump critics
  49. [NEWS] Rep. Heck: There's something in IG report for everyone
  50. [NEWS] Ellen returning to stand-up comedy after 15 years