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  1. [Video] CBN NewsWatch PM: May 24, 2019
  2. [NEWS] Ingraham: The great Pelosi crack-up
  3. [NEWS] McAleenan: We need to address issue of families crossing the border
  4. [NEWS] Harvey Weinstein reportedly reaches deal to compensate alleged victims
  5. [Video] CBN NewsWatch AM: May 24, 2019
  6. [NEWS] Trump denies he had a temper tantrum in meeting with 'crying Chuck' Schumer and 'crazy Nancy' Pelosi
  7. [NEWS] Comedian Chris Kattan on why he wrote new book and favorite ‘SNL’ memories
  8. [NEWS] The 'hate' against Chick-fil-A: Growing liberal backlash against its conservative Christian values
  9. [NEWS] Kellyanne Conway says President Trump never raised his voice to Pelosi and Schumer
  10. [NEWS] Michael Avenatti accused of using fake documents to defraud ex-client Stormy Daniels
  11. [NEWS] Violent tornadoes tear through Missouri
  12. [Video] CBN NewsWatch PM: May 23, 2019
  13. [NEWS] Pentagon weighs sending more US troops to Mideast amid growing Iran tensions
  14. [NEWS] Pompeo says Iran threat is real and credible, White House is evaluating response
  15. [NEWS] Dangerous tornados tear through Midwest in middle of night
  16. [Video] CBN NewsWatch AM: May 23, 2019
  17. [NEWS] Kentucky Republican Gov. Matt Bevin survives primary battle
  18. [NEWS] Rep. Biggs says Democrats are hindering everything President Trump is trying to do
  19. [NEWS] Howard Kurtz: After House Speaker’s 'cover-up' charge, so much for infrastructure
  20. [Video] CBN NewsWatch PM: May 22, 2019
  21. [NEWS] Will the US go to war with Iran?
  22. [NEWS] House Speaker Nancy Pelosi says there are 'no divisions' within the Democratic Party
  23. [NEWS] Texas processing center stops taking migrants amid flu outbreak
  24. [NEWS] Meet the man who wore a border wall suit to President Trump's Pennsylvania rally
  25. [Video] CBN NewsWatch AM: May 22, 2019
  26. [NEWS] Investors, environmentalists battle over AZ copper mine project
  27. [NEWS] Barrasso: We want Iran to stop their activities, we don't want to have to attack
  28. [NEWS] Howard Kurtz: Trump is the ‘everywhere’ president. but is that a good thing?
  29. [NEWS] Michigan lawmaker announces primary challenge to Republican Rep. Amash after Trump impeachment comment
  30. [NEWS] Mike Huckabee on Lynch calling out Comey, Trump taking on Biden
  31. [NEWS] Mollie Hemingway: Joe Biden has a reputation of changing his position on big issues
  32. [Video] CBN NewsWatch PM: May 21, 2019
  33. [NEWS] President Trump goes after former Vice President Joe Biden at Pennsylvania rally
  34. [NEWS] 72-year-old veteran embarks on cross-country walk to support other vets
  35. [NEWS] DNA testing reveals one third of migrants faked family relationship to claim asylum
  36. [Video] CBN NewsWatch AM: May 21, 2019
  37. [NEWS] Homeland Security concerned about China using Chinese-made drones to steal data
  38. [NEWS] President Trump heads to Pennsylvania for rally
  39. [NEWS] Tariffs on tap for craft breweries facing increased costs
  40. [NEWS] Judge Andrew Napolitano explains how rape charges in Sweden might keep Julian Assange out of jail in the US
  41. [NEWS] Bill Bennett praises Robert F. Smith's tremendous act of generosity: It's the American story
  42. [NEWS] 'Game of Thrones' fans furious after series finale failed to live up to expectations
  43. [NEWS] US-Iran tensions build as rocket lands near US embassy in Baghdad
  44. [Video] CBN NewsWatch PM: May 20, 2019
  45. [NEWS] Alice Johnson details pardon by President Trump in new memoir
  46. [NEWS] President Trump signals he's ready to make a deal on immigration if Democrats are ready to come to the table
  47. [NEWS] DHS: 2018 saw increase in migrant naturalizations
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  49. [NEWS] Brian goes to the border to see the problem up close
  50. [NEWS] National forecast for Sunday, May 19