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  1. [Video] CBN NewsWatch PM: February 15, 2019
  2. [NEWS] Amazon drops plans for a New York City headquarters
  3. [NEWS] Dershowitz says if the DOJ tried to use the 25th Amendment to oust Trump they have attempted a 'coup d'état'
  4. [NEWS] Police: Missouri man wrapped the legs and mouth of a dachshund with duct tape before dumping it in a ditch
  5. [Video] CBN NewsWatch AM: February 15, 2019
  6. [Video] CBN NewsWatch PM: February 14, 2019
  7. [NEWS] Mitch McConnell urges passage of compromise budget deal
  8. [NEWS] Will President Trump sign the new border security compromise?
  9. [NEWS] Esquire's 'American boy' cover story causes controversy
  10. [NEWS] Will the new border security bill pass the House?
  11. [NEWS] Judge accused of drinking and driving tells cop she is 'so intoxicated' during arrest
  12. [Video] CBN NewsWatch AM: February 14, 2019
  13. [NEWS] Karl Rove calls Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's 'Green New Deal' a 'laundry list of lunatic ideas'
  14. [NEWS] Savannah Spurlock's father believes three men last seen with his daughter 'know something'
  15. [NEWS] How will the media brand the 2020 Democratic presidential candidates?
  16. [NEWS] ‘Criminal Minds’ star A.J. Cook suing former manager
  17. [NEWS] Source: No decision to sign border deal until Trump, White House and DHS go through entire proposal
  18. [NEWS] Dr. Vanessa Tyson makes first public appearance since accusing Virginia Lt. Gov. Fairfax of sexual assault
  19. [Video] CBN NewsWatch PM: February 13, 2019
  20. [Video] CBN NewsWatch AM: February 13, 2019
  21. [NEWS] Vice President Pence attends Warsaw meeting on Iran
  22. [NEWS] NYPD detective killed in line of duty by friendly fire
  23. [NEWS] President Trump hints at 'other methods' to fund border wall
  24. [NEWS] Sen. John Barrasso says Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's 'Green New Deal' is a 'raw deal'
  25. [NEWS] Jury reaches verdict in trial of Mexican drug lord Joaquin 'El Chapo' Guzman
  26. [NEWS] White House weighs tentative deal on border security funding
  27. [Video] CBN NewsWatch PM: February 12, 2019
  28. [NEWS] Democrats push climate change as 2020 issue, pledge return to Paris Climate Agreement
  29. [NEWS] 8-year-girl honored for saving her injured father's life during shooting spree in California
  30. [NEWS] New concerns Pennsylvania's firefighter shortage could spread nationwide
  31. [Video] CBN NewsWatch AM: February 12, 2019
  32. [NEWS] Americans feeling less optimistic about economy, personal finances
  33. [NEWS] People line up for Rep. John Dingell's public visitation in Michigan
  34. [NEWS] President Trump heads to El Paso for first 2020 campaign rally and to push for border wall funding
  35. [NEWS] New calls for an independent investigator to examine accusations against Justin Fairfax
  36. [NEWS] Bipartisan backlash after Rep. Ilhan Omar suggests GOP support for Israel is driven by campaign donations
  37. [NEWS] Secretary Pompeo begins 5-nation tour of Central Europe to raise concerns about Russia and China
  38. [NEWS] Jennifer Lopez's controversial Grammys Motown tribute draws backlash
  39. [NEWS] Will stars confess to being 'The Masked Singer'?
  40. [NEWS] Texas official Sid Miller says border walls are a humanitarian solution to illegal immigration
  41. [Video] CBN NewsWatch PM: February 11, 2019
  42. [Video] CBN NewsWatch AM: February 11, 2019
  43. [NEWS] Why Taylor Swift didn’t attend this year’s Grammys
  44. [NEWS] Denver teachers go out on strike after contract negotiations break down
  45. [NEWS] Democratic lawmaker backs down from impeachment bill against Virginia's lieutenant governor
  46. [NEWS] Angel Father on death of his daughter, support of President Trump's border wall
  47. [NEWS] Chris Pratt slammed by Ellen Page for attending ‘infamously anti-LGBTQ’ church
  48. [NEWS] 2020 Democratic presidential hopefuls propose tax hikes as part of their campaign platforms
  49. [NEWS] Trump highlights his accomplishments over the past two years as he heads into his 2020 re-election campaign
  50. [NEWS] Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker goes head to head with Democratic lawmakers on