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  1. [NEWS] Does the Democratic Party have an identity crisis?
  2. [NEWS] Kurtz: Nonstop news cycle fuels anger between Trump and Press
  3. [NEWS] Andy Puzder reacts to group that says low wages are violence
  4. [NEWS] Andy Puzder reacts to group that says low wages are violence
  5. [NEWS] Gov. Parson praises heroes who helped save duck boat victims
  6. [NEWS] RNC members weigh in on Trump's Putin comments
  7. [NEWS] Stars and fans flock to the 2018 San Diego Comic-Con
  8. [NEWS] What does Democrats' shift left mean for Republicans?
  9. [NEWS] Dupree: Brennan's partisan views raise serious questions
  10. [NEWS] Pompeo to update UN on US negotiations with North Korea
  11. [NEWS] Ivanka Trump on White House's 'Pledge to America's Workers'
  12. [NEWS] Trump hotel's liquor license challenged by DC group
  13. [NEWS] Trump calls on Turkey to release US pastor
  14. [Video] CBN NewsWatch: July 20, 2018
  15. [NEWS] Linda McMahon on Trump's executive order for job training
  16. [NEWS] Kurtz: Why being Trump's spokesman is a no-win proposition
  17. [NEWS] Several House Democrats criticize Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
  18. [NEWS] Tom Homan: ICE doesn't need an overhaul
  19. [NEWS] Gingrich: Trump is tougher on Russia than Obama ever dreamed
  20. [NEWS] Trump calls for Turkey to release American pastor
  21. [NEWS] California blocks proposal to split up state
  22. [NEWS] Community raises money for veteran's burned down BBQ trailer
  23. [NEWS] Ocasio-Cortez: Everyone has two jobs
  24. [Video] CBN NewsWatch: July 19, 2018
  25. [NEWS] Dennis Rodman wants to bring Kanye West to North Korea
  26. [NEWS] 'America's Got Talent' stunt goes horribly wrong
  27. [NEWS] Officials plead with public for info in 9-year-old's death
  28. [NEWS] Officials seek help from team who cracked 1988 cold case
  29. [NEWS] Sen. Rubio on if Trump is being tough enough on Putin
  30. [NEWS] Inmate-trained service dogs bring hope to soldiers, veterans
  31. [Video] CBN NewsWatch: July 18, 2018
  32. [NEWS] Former Home Depot CEO is optimistic about corporate America
  33. [NEWS] Sen. Rob Portman on the need to push back on Russia
  34. [NEWS] GOP chairman in Belmont County resigns over Trump comments
  35. [NEWS] Kinzinger: Putin summit a big step back for foreign policy
  36. [NEWS] Rep. Issa: Lisa Page deposition revealed new information
  37. [NEWS] Hulk Hogan reinstated in WWE Hall of Fame
  38. [NEWS] Chicago may soon test universal basic income program
  39. [NEWS] Sacha Baron Cohen fails to trick Rep. Matt Gaetz on new show
  40. [NEWS] GOP Senate candidate's 'furious' parents back his opponent
  41. [Video] CBN NewsWatch: July 17, 2018
  42. [NEWS] Trump: Nuclear warming is our biggest problem
  43. [NEWS] Fallout from Trump's face-to-face meeting with Putin
  44. [NEWS] Sen. Paul commends Trump for taking meeting with Putin
  45. [NEWS] Trump tweet may weaken his stance before summit
  46. [NEWS] Trump to Putin: The world wants to see us get along
  47. [NEWS] Helsinki summit more important for Putin than Trump?
  48. [NEWS] Gardiner: The Russians are not our friends
  49. [NEWS] CA Democratic party endorses progressive challenger
  50. [Video] CBN NewsWatch: July 16, 2018