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No parent or child benefits from this. Understand, this allows us to see how very little people know about the world they live in and how people, even U.S. citizens it seems, propagate this bizarre idea that our leaders want to see people suffer. America is here to defend the children and reunite families. Those escaping gang violence and persecution should be grateful, not resentful. Does a refugee run to the arms or their rescuer only to point out things they see as wrong? They seem to have no or little idea of how the world, this world now operates. Ignorance is no excuse for the law for a citizen, but if you are not a citizen and attempt to illegally enter this country it is and excuse? Not only this but to hide behind children for the sake of propaganda, this is a cowardly tactic. These are only the ones who are caught after all. Seems they want their cake and to eat it too.

Where is the outcry for this woman, a woman who broke no laws it seems?

If the parents know that if they cross into America this way they may be separated from their loved ones for some time, do others wag their finger at their Mothers or Fathers, or Aunts or Uncles? If not, why wag your finger at the authority? Ignorance is no excuse for the law. If you want to come to America, treat her how you want to be treated. Do not seek to come to America and end up attempting to make her look bad. Separation, division is all understandable under these circumstances. America is not a nation that seeks to divide families, it is a nation that seeks to unite all families, bring forth unity, equality, freedom, refuge, protection, justice and brotherhood. Don't get it twisted.

Does this sound like God given free will to you, or does it sound like men imposing their will on others? Rather obvious. Follow Jesus.

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« on: June 09, 2018, 02:03:28 AM »
It's the way you make me feel. Make me feel good and I can fix everything! Edification among those who are in Christ Jesus. This is how we must think, because God is good. I know I hurt you, I know I cared for you. I did it all in a way, saying in order to know what is good one must also know what is evil. Now, realizing I always knew. I seek that child I once was. The sprout that no one hated. The budding youth that is life. Always making friends, never knowing what an enemy was. Seeking the truth but knowing it was hidden for some reason. While everything else was lit up.

God is good. God is food. God is knowledge. We are the fruit. Sweet to our God. When one is sweet to ones God, The Living God, not a statue of stone or a symbol from a cut down tree, is it only natural that your Living God will be sweet to you? Serving. Believing. Wonderful. For Him. For He is wonderful to us that serve Him. Like the best wave to the most willing surfer. Feeling the power of His Holy Spirit. His creation riding His creation. Unthinkable until we actually start to think, understanding how confusing satan has made it. Not only is there actually NO skin color, it could be that our hearts wear a color. As Michael turned from black to white. YOU could not see him. You accused him. Proven false accusations by mans standards. So who of us is to argue with The Lord's standards?

Believe nothing else. You and I cannot think like God thinks, we think as men, trapped in flesh. I can write much and quote wise men, but why need this? I tell you the truth. Self condemnation must leave our nation. Do not make it to the gates of heaven for the angels to ask you, "Why did you not even forgive yourself?". If you seek something in America, seek to be a citizen. We know what you do, we know your pill. Everyone has a pill. I was told this by a older man, as I was not listening but hearing. Not doing but being there. Now, I am a DOER, I will do the Lord's work. I will tell the truth, I will spread the gospel of my King, Jesus Christ, my favorite teacher. I love all my teachers. Even in my confusion, I know that suffering and other things of this nature are but temporary, unreal, not permanent, forgiven, never forgotten but wiped clean. This, I say this is a key. Take your keys, you need many to fight against the true nature of the evil that opposes you. Unity. The cross has made you faultless and we can finally fix it all. No matter the bumps, bruises, scars. We are diamonds in the sky they tell us, but even stars fade away. Seems we are more as diamonds in the rough, waiting to be discovered by Jesus. Next, suddenly realizing He was there all the time. Smiling, laughing, crying, faithfully waiting for you to only knock. To truly seek. Remember forgiveness. If you forget forgiveness, you will not be forgiven. Honesty will prevail, men will stand tall, making others even seem like grasshoppers at times, but even grasshoppers can be made into a flower. Remember! God does not see as we see. Never forget this. Take your keys, go for a drive. I tell you, where two or more of you gather in His name, there He is with you. I say it again, seek nothing and you will find nothing. In a broken vessel I still see the light, and it draws me to correction. I trust Him. I beg you to listen and watch. Ask and believe and you will see things you never thought possible. We have a book. But know who the author is. What we see as impossible is never impossible for God. What is a book to God but His word? I trust His word and HE can do all things. Me not so much, but all I have to do is just trust Him. I love you. All of you.

What is deeply disturbing is that they have turned the place of Jesus into a place to worship Mary. I don't at all think Mary would like her son to be treated this way.

I don't understand why the writer of this article can say he was a Christian man. Don't you all know that true followers of Jesus do not murder and then kill themselves? Must I explain this to people? Satan is doing a number on you all. Don't be so foolish as to not be able to see the snares of the devil. This whole story smells fishy to me anyhow. There is a war going on to make Christians look bad by saying those who are not Christians are Christians. Just becuase someone says they are a CHristian or he is a Christian does not at all make it so. Judge Christians by their fruit. Just becuase you go to church and talk to a pastor does not make you a follower or a believer in Jesus Christ our Lord. I would advise that people stop attempting to make Christians look bad lest something far worse come upon you all.

Seems Leonardo Blair, a Christian Post Reporter wants people to think Christians are murderers for some odd reason. One must ask, "what side are they really on after all?".

We are to imitate Jesus. Did Jesus vote? Hmmm?

Men's principles are not God's principles.

Follow Jesus, not religion or those who call themselves "leaders". The bible has all the answers you need, not men or women who see themselves as something they are not. Remember: "Do not be called leaders; for One is your Leader, that is, Christ."

Seems the ones who think they have what it takes to teach us, don't even know the bible.

I see words like; the Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity and the International Catholic Charismatic Renewal Services and Episcopal Conference of Colombia and I ask myself, "Do these people even know Jesus Christ at all?"

Follow Jesus, not a man, not a woman, not a religion. They seek to make followers of Jesus seem like we cannot agree, when in reality we are all in one accord once we truly acknowledge ourselves as sinners and follow Jesus, forgiving others in the hope that we ourselves can be forgiven. There is neither man, nor woman, nor free, nor slave, nor Greek, nor Jew. They just don't seem to get it. We are all meant to be free, not under the thumb of these mad men and women who again, think they are something when they are not. Follow Him, all who thirst for righteousness.

I am not sure how losing an arm and a leg and then realizing you are supposed to take care of your kids and teach them the way instead of being a drunk loser is inspiring. I would call it more of a warning. You're lucky God spared you. Go and teach the gospel to others. He's not angry with God and this is good as God was angry with him it seems, as He was also angry with me too. What's inspiring to me are the Chinese men, women and children in China that are being locked up and beaten for their faith in Jesus, who by the way was not mentioned once in this "inspiring" article. I'm not impressed.

Would not a hypocrite be a willing sinner who denies the sin, going to a church that tells them it is a sin to host an event? I mean really man. Ease up. You don't see followers of Jesus going to the satanic temples to host events do you? Keep pushing them and they will. They can play that game too, but they will win. If God is with us who can be against us? So many people in this nation think that they are smart, but they're not.

2 words, speck, plank.

Should we not clean our own house first? Christ lead by example, He is our leader.

SO many people are pointing the finger at Jim for saying this. What's it matter who said it? Is it believable that the state of the union has reached this point? YES! God will sort it out. Always remember: “Put your sword back in its place, Jesus said to him. “For all who draw the sword will die by the sword." For me, the pen is mightier than the sword anyway. I don't need a violent weapon. I need God.

How is 2 thirds and 1 third not divided? He said "we are a country that is not divided but a country that is united". Sorry but 2 thirds saying one thing and one third saying another is divided you donkey. Reap what you sow Ireland, as I warned Ireland, get ready. Your leaders fail you yet you rejoice in it? Madness. No matter how moral people try to make abortion, no matter how people try to justify it, MANY will use it to justify MURDER! I would never attempt to judge a woman who does these things, but I certainly say as a man it is horrible to me becuase we get no say in it! If a man does not want their child MURDERED and the woman does. What can a man do? Nothing. God will sort it out.

Seems like people have figured out that the heart hand sign is a sign for the kabbalah, go figure.

Could there be a difference in the two, one up high, one down low? hmm

Reap what you sow.

I was 8 and 9 when I was in the boy scouts. Condoms!?  ???

It would be nice if more young men could be like this young man.

The man in this article speaks in Jesus name and then proceeds to call the pope "The Holy Father".
Oh the hypocrisy.

Why do they insist on calling a man "The Holy Father", when Jesus very clearly told EVERYONE not to do this? For you have but one Father, who is in heaven. You cannot serve two masters!

Sorry, but Christian men do not murder. Take Christian out of this title and you have accuracy.

After reflection. In a sense the Pope is accurate and we don't know the full conversation. Let me explain, we are all born the way we are. I suppose that once we are born this way (into sin), any of us could end up in homosexual sin or any other sin. The Pope needs to address his followers and explain if he thinks it is a sin or not. IF not than we are all accurate to say that he does not serve God. Either way the hatred towards particular sinners must end. Homosexual sin is not worse than any other sin so to speak, but it does seem like a very hard sin to escape from, but even I commit sin that is difficult to escape from, I smoke cigarettes, was drinking, lied, looked at women in a lustful way. I do the things I don't want to do and I hate these sins, not myself. I am so tired of everyone hating on one another and pointing fingers! If someone is truly seeking God who am I or any of us to say they cant seek Him? Homosexuality is a sin, and if I can try to quit smoking, or stop looking at women lustfully and repent, they (you) can try to stop and repent too. God knows our hearts and I love you all very much, even sinners. If I didn't, how could I love myself? God help us!

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