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I crossed into the unknown!
« on: May 14, 2018, 08:27:42 AM »
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I crossed into the unknow!  I crossed into the unknown and delivered my Faith a fatal blow, but one brought me back!  One brought be back from pain and torment.  I should have never made it back; I was in way to deep, so far away from the light that I was blinded by the darkness standing before me.  What have I done?  Where will I go?  How do I make it back?  I am so.. lost!  Somehow, I have a spirit of the Prodigal Son, spreading my wings in to sin I jumped. Leaving!  Leaving my Fathers house, His loving arms, His protection, and perfect goodness.  How have I came this far, to be in so much darkness.. Oh, no how do I get our of here?   JESUS!  I screamed.. JESUS! Show me the way home, and I will never leave you again.   HAVE MERCY!  JESUS!  HAVE MERCY!  I am lost and undone, this is all my fault I am broken.  Then I saw a hand; His hand, reach down to me and His voice said, “COME”!  Come out of this darkness, I say to you, and into my marvelous light.  And I will forgive you of all your sin, and restore you back to MY house.  I will give you all that you have lost, and I will break you and remold you into what I have had  planned for you to become all along. 

You see, you can never be so deep in sin that Jesus cannot pull you out.  All you have to do is cry out to Him, in pure heart and purpose, and He will meet you there.  You have done nothing so bad that He will not forgive.  He makes new those who are lost and remolds those who have been swept away by this world. Amen.

William Childers 14 May 2018


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