Hello loves! So happy to see you for another bible study together! Today we are reading Romans and unpacking the anxiety around the question of who will go to heaven?
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  1. I needed to hear this! Maybe Jesus let me know you so I can listen to you. And this is teen-friendly. I had a dream about Jesus years ago and that was the most memorable dream I ever experienced. In my dream I was asking him for forgiveness and beforebI even finish talking he said "You're forgiven." ❤️ And because of that my life became better because I trust him everyday. ❤️ And thank you for praying for us!

  2. Hello this is a really good video. But I really want to know how to spread the gospel to other people. Thing is I get really nervous and I chicken out and then I bet myself up for it later. How could I spread the gospel with confidence?


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