Today we go in depth on how to use the YouVersion Bible App to study the Bible. We discuss reading and listening to the bible, different devotionals, and bible reading plans, as well as the huge Explore section included in the app. Also included some tips and tricks that you may not know about!

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I’m a 27-year-old husband, father, and youth pastor. I have a Bachelors in Information Technology and I’m working toward my Masters in Theology. I grew up agnostic but came to faith after I got married and my wife drug me to a church, the church I now work at. Jesus completely flipped my life upside down, it wasn’t instant and I had a lot of questions but He changed my life. If you are in a similar place, I’d love to connect with you. Comment on any of my videos or connect with me on social above!

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  1. Dear Brother,
    While preaching, You may start at the middle of a chapter or after 2,3 verses from the beginning.Can you get this version to read from such a verse ,or can it read only from the beginning of a chapter?

  2. Thank you for your videos.  I was a camp counselor for a group of 13 yr old girls.  The experience changed many of them and they wanted to continue their walk with Christ by reading their Bibles but weren't sure how to go about it and found the Bible difficult to understand.  That left me quite nervous on how to keep the motivation going that they got from camp.  I found the youversion Bible app and think it's just what we need to work as a group.  There's a lot going on within the app so your videos are super helpful.  Thanks again!

  3. Pls tell me what to download to get the youversion. Pls reply. I really want to get close to God. If u r on the Rd n u don't Ave any wifi or Internet connection, will the app still work?

  4. Not worth watching – unless you already know what (ever) this guy is doing when he's flying through these. Does anyone know how to save notes and actually get them to pull up later?

  5. Blessings. I apologize. I should've explained my question better. I would like to use two different Bible versions side by side (parallel). Do you know how to access this function on the Youversion app? May God continues to bless you!

  6. God bless you and everyone reading this. My favorite part so far is the audio Bible. However; I was hoping you would mention how to access the parallel function. I have been trying to find it but I haven't been able to. For now; I have been using the Bible gateway app, just for this function. I like to read other versions just to be informed. Thank you very much for the video. I as well enjoy using the YouVersion Bible app very much.


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