This is a prophetic dream I had 7/26/2020. 🌻 To join our community for more videos, content and MORE, join

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  1. This is a prophetic dream I had 7/26/2020. 🌻 To join our community for more videos, content and MORE, join ❤️ To Give a Love Donation go to: or$prettybosstv


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  2. Ok I need to tell u thank you 🙏 thank you 🙏 thank you 🙏. Thank you for saving my daughter and her friends life. As soon as you said trafficking. My daughters face slammed into my thoughts. And I knew right away it was meant for me to warn her. I didn’t give her anything but if she’s met anyone recently not to trust them bc they have plans on trafficking her. She told me that day she and her friend were going to meet up with someone her friend met for a “modeling” jobs for them. She instantly called her friend to cancel. They both canceled and never showed to the meeting place. Thank you 🙏 you saved my daughters life. I love you. I appreciate you so so so very much.🤗🤗🤗❤️🙏🙏🙏😊

  3. I just found this video and channel. I've seen it suggested the past couple of days, so I decided to listen. I'm a grandmother and appreciate your spiritual strength. I wish I had someone when I was young who believed in me and supported my intuitive gifts and dreams, but instead I was mocked by my family for the most part. So I appreciate you standing up and owning your gifts and using them to help others. I very much agree with you about not allowing intermediaries. This has been the root of so much spiritual abuse in this world.

  4. I do understand and Need to be shown Which situation because there are 4Prominent set ups around me where I need to discern This week– am I In,Or Out! I need to know Who and which one this video is referring too.

  5. I had a dream kind of similar to this a long long while ago, in the dream I met this women (keep in mind this women always wore red but I never thought twice about it.) She was very attracted , middle age maybe like in her middle 30s. I forgot how we meet but she was like my mentor, and always taught me what to do etc. She came off as a spiritual women , like very spiritual Godly women. So one time we were in her car and I was thinking we were driving home etc. Then all of a sudden the dream change to me walking in her having sex, she told me to meet her. Come to find out I found out she was like a high priced prostitute. I forgot what I said to her but she said something to me I don't remember right now what it was but I know it has something to do with what she does behind the scenes. Then my dream switched to people drinking blood , they offer to me but it said no and walked away.

  6. The energy is right with your message !! A lot of people act like donkeys, Don't get sacrificed by idiots, friends family and so forth. Sex is a good way to program people. Watch out for Jupiter conjunct Neptune in the next few years you will get caught up. A lot of people manifest what they think , if you think negative you will get negative .

  7. I’m just now watching this video which have been down feed for a week now and I never felt drawn to watch it until now. When you said Trump had shown up in your dream I had to put this on pause to tell you so did I. My dream was similar to yours.

  8. Sex trafficking is everywhere. Beware! They'll win your trust. They'll keep tabs on you. Real wolves in sheep clothes. And they can track you if they can get your number. Very dangerous and sick people involved in gang stalking. They look for good, attractive, people and who have money, trusting people, people with integrity, and people who compromise, come from dysfunctional families, and have no or weak boundaries. Are you the kind of person who can be controlled? Are you a people pleaser? Are you generous? Are you honest? Do you have high tolerance for bad behavior? Do you avoid conflict and take the blame? Are you a loner? Are you a woman? They are looking for an image they want to show to the outside world. Be very careful ladies.

  9. Thank u I just meet this guy who is a famous singer and yes he hit me up on Facebook. I'm so glad I ran into u his name is johnny artis and iim so glad god let me run into me and he want me to come to him but I won't I'm moving slow and he dont want to come to me cause he say he has a heart condition but he got money but that dont mean nothing to me and it bothers him cause I'm not chasing him he flashes out on me at time but I thank u sis I'm truly grateful

  10. Be careful. That could be a sign the Creator is trying to warn you about. Some traffickers could be watching you and planning to kidnap you. They could be paying close attention to your habits as far as your goings and comings.

  11. Damn idk if this guy I been dating for half a year asked me if I could help him get his papers by getting married and I accepted to help but he kept asking me what will happen if we break up and if I would keep helping him but he will pay me for it.. I really love him and he’s told me that he’s not with me for the papers. Because we had many breakups throughout the 7 months because I was overthinking too much and had trouble with trust but the thing is that if he only wanted me just for that he would of went off with someone else but I’m still a little worried and I’m looking out for myself. I still don’t fully trust him because I lost all trust with my past relationships. But this guy has not pressured me to get married but when I’m ready to say yes. I just hope things aren’t the way I think. I hope he proves me wrong. I just hope he isn’t using me. I’m just really blind to see signs from spirit and trusting my intuition.

  12. Just came across this vid and went thru the business aspect of what you said with someone close and dear to me around the time this vid posted But I'm just now coming across it and YES this person was deceitful and they stole the gain finatially I was suppose to receive and this person lives in your area I cannot say or give description …for liabilty reasons but you hit the nail in the head…I can say she is female be very careful…ty for the confirmation GodBless The Most High Yah is still in control

  13. Thank you Confirmation… First timer…I recently met someone who came off just like you described! My gut intuition a first was like 🧐 … I prayed on it and they started revealing them selves! Thank you 🙏🏽 😊✌🏾🙌🏾


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