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Edward Williams Kuntam was born and brought up in Andhra Pradesh where his parents Satyadas and Rajamma were good Christian lay persons in the Church of South India and Indian Pentecostal Church, Eluru. He has good memories of studying in CSI English Medium School, St. Xavier’s High School and Sir. C R Reddy College, all at Eluru.
After completing his BA in Economics and Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management and Administration with advertisement as specialization, Edward worked as marketing manager for a cable-manufacturing unit, for three years. But, he had a great desire to advertise his master and savior, Jesus Christ, to the college and university students and therefore joined Union of Evangelical Students of India as student counselor in 1990. He ministered to students in most of the universities and colleges for ten years. He then became the State Secretary of Andhra Pradesh and gave leadership till 2006.
As the State Secretary, he traveled across the state and also in other parts of India to preached or took seminars in prestigious institutes like IIT Bombay, IIT Kharagpur, IIT Gundy, IISC Bangalore, JNU Delhi, Central University Pondicherry, JIPMER Pondicherry and CMC Vellore. As RZIM trained apologist he taught in their regional seminars on subjects like Logic, fallacies, and Pantheism. He taught spiritual leadership in Haggai regional seminars on subjects like spiritual leadership and communication.
Along with that, Edward has been the host of Nireekshana since 2000. Nireekshana is a weekly television show sponsored by CBN India and was aired on TV9 for over six years and now being aired on Sakshi TV four times a week. Over the years, his passion for sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ has made him to strive hard to reach out to millions of viewers. He was also the blogger and web interactive manager for an IPTV called “TipriTV’ that reaches the diaspora Indians. He has two post graduate degrees – MA advanced in Homiletics from SAIACS, Bangalore and MA in Christian Studies from Madras University.
Edward’s wife, Christy Rose, did her MA Theology at SAIACS. In the recent past, she was burdened to minister to the eunuchs and gays and therefore started a church for LGBT community at Eluru. Now, by the grace of God, Redeem Ministry grew to eight churches – for Hijras at Eluru, Sarpavaram, Palakole, Vijayawada, and Bhimavaram; and for gays at Amalapuram and Kakinada. The gay culture has become rampant in India after the government-legalized homosexuality, which anyhow was reversed by the Supreme Court. Edward and Christy are happy to be part of this unique ministry, which is very challenging in many ways. Apart from these churches, God also laid a burden to start a Church in the rural area of Bangalore, Yerrappannahalli. A Few years back the villagers never allowed a pastor to start a church but now by the grace of God, Redeem church is growing steadily. Christy and Edward are blessed with two daughters Sharon and Ruth, both born again and burdened to be part of the ministry in the Yerrappannahalli. Sharon is pursuing Mass media, Journalism and Psychology for her graduation. Ruth is pursuing Engineering.
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