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  1. Bravo, you can get your Academy Award now you piece of Trash Hillary Shill actor. Trump wasn't describing assault, such an idiot. Hillary is a murdering, voodoo witch, Russian Communist agent and she & Obama had been planning to overthrow USA with nuclear attacks from Russia. Wrong. Trump is not a bad choice. Trump is the ONLY CHOICE. IF CHRISTIANS DON'T SEE THIS BY NOW, THEY NEED TO SERIOUSLY SPEND TIME ASKING IF THEY REALLY WORSHIP THE GOD OF THE HOLY BIBLE. IT IS VERY CLEAR GOD HAS SENT TRUMP TO GIVE US ONE MORE CHANCE BEFORE HANDING US OVER TO OUR TORMENTERS. STOP SPREADING MSM DISINFO ABOUT TRUMP. WAKE UP CHURCH. IT UIS ON US TO PRAY AND FAST AND REPENT FOR THIS NATION. YOU BETTER PRAY TRUMP IS OUR NEXT PRESIDENT. WAKE UP.

  2. LOL. Muffin. 😂 Jeeze, I come from locker rooms with much worse than heard on tape. Can I cry for the babies who about to be robbed of life just before birth?

  3. the seat for the president is a game . no matter who wins will end up persecuting the Christians who have the Faith of jesus and keep the commandment of God. so IGOD don't vote don't want to help anyone of this saleout puppets do evil against God's people. they will take all orders from the Vatican.

  4. Yes…. a shitty game…… this women is an idiot….. she never in her life heard about some dirty talkings from men???? Men are men…. and talking little dirty is not same than rape like Clinton has done so much….. therefore you all have to cry – why this couple did'nt stay in jail !

  5. Trump's tax returns, Trump's trash talk, the Russians- that's ALL they have. Bill Clinton has NEVER apologized for ANYTHING and may have an outside son he's never recognized. If the Russians were going to help anyone it would be KILLary- she sold them our uranium. And Trump's tax returns ARE NOT 33,000 emails of state secrets!!! We DO have a good choice- DONALD J. TRUMP.

  6. this idiot is crying over the words of Trump while supporting someone who wants to kill healthy infants! in all likelihood, crooked Hillary would probably rape this woman herself then kill her and sacrifice her body to baal


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