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[00:00:00] – 01.Living Hope – Phil Wickham
[00:05:24] – 02.Through It All – Hillsong
[00:09:56] – 03.See A Victory – Elevation Worship
[00:15:35] – 04.The Blessing with Kari Jobe & Cody Carnes
[00:22:55] – 05.Way Maker – Sinach
[00:31:18] – 06.I Surrender – Hillsong Worship
[00:38:44] – 07.You Say – Lauren Daigle
[00:46:12] – 08.What A Beautiful Name – Hillsong Worship
[00:50:49] – 09.Who You Say I Am – Hillsong Worship
[00:56:14] – 10.Matt Redman – 10,000 Reasons
[01:04:49] – 11.Forever – Kari Jobe
[01:11:27] – 12.Way Maker – Leeland
[01:40:01] – 13.Chris Tomlin – Lord I Need You
[01:43:23] – 14.Goodness Of God – Jenn Johnson
[01:57:35] – 15.Do It Again – Elevation Worship
[02:04:21] – 16.Stand In Your Love – Bethel Music feat. Josh Baldwin
[02:08:28] – 17.Shout To The Lord – What a Beautiful Name
[02:16:11] – 18.Yeshua – Jesus Image Worship
[02:35:20] – 19.Passion – Glorious Day (Live) ft. Kristian Stanfill
[02:40:37] – 20.God You’re So Good – Passion ft Kristian Stanfill, Melodie Malone
[02:45:34] – 21.Alpha & Omega – You Are Holy
[02:58:53] – 22.I Sing Praises To Your Name – Damon Stuart
[03:03:53] – 23.Holy, Holy, Holy
[03:07:24] – 24.O Come To The Altar – Elevation Worship
[03:14:22] – 25.Grace To Grace – Hillsong Worship
[03:20:35] – 26.Thank You Lord – Don Moen
[03:26:10] – 27.Good Grace – Hillsong United, Joel Houston (People)
[03:30:28] – 28.Holy Spirit – Kari Jobe ft. Cody Carnes
[03:40:04] – 29.Behold The Lamb – Passion, Kristian Stanfill
[03:45:05] – 30.Hosanna- Hillsong United
[03:49:50] – 31.How Great Thou Art – Hillsong Worship
[03:53:35] – 32.How Great Is Our God – Hillsong Worship
[03:56:56] – 33.Oceans – Hillsong United
[04:01:23] – 34.Another In The Fire – Hillsong United
[04:07:35] – 35.Yet Not I But Through Christ In Me – CityAlight
[04:16:58] – 37.Reckless Love – Cory Asbury
Jesus, I need you!!!
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