In this podcast, I will talk about Prophetic Dream of Asteroids & Meteorites entering the earth, their diameter, flying speed, how it will look like, where it is written in the Bible about them and this catastrophic even that Lord showed me to warn as many as will hear this podcast, and how it is also connected with Planet X that was showed to me in one my past dreams from the Lord that I mentioned in 007 podcast. And I will show exactly for you all where in the Bible it talks about this Planet X and how it tells that these asteroids and meteorites will hit on 1/3 of earth and how it tells exactly where it will hit. It is very important you would hear this podcast and repent and come back to Lord, He truly loves you and do not want you to perish, but to have everlasting life through His Son Jesus Christ and accept Him as your Lord and Savior.

All I talk about is not to harm or offend anyone, its simply my take about topics talked about from my experience, that can benefit and prepare current and upcoming generations ahead & in near future information that can shift whole culture and civilization very fast into a more healthy one.

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