In this podcast, I will talk about Prophetic Dream of Antichrist, False Prophet, Beast System, 5G, how it all will look in the not so far future, how it will affect people, as well I will talk about AI mentioned in 9th podcast, how in this dream it was in full power merged with people, and how this all massive system of satan plan since the tower of Babel plan failed, how at this time in the future he will accomplish his plan and will have full control. You do not want to miss this… I also will be talking about scriptures in the bible where exactly showed how satan will do it & the same time I will talk about what Holy Spirit revealed to me about in all these dream events so I could share all of it with you who will listen to this podcast. God truly is merciful and He will save people even in those times, yet there will be very few who will resist satan. Come back to Jesus Christ accept Him as your Lord and Savior, depart from your wicked ways, and be saved before it’s too late.

This podcast is all about spiritual experience, demonic spirits/angels encounters, wisdom, knowledge, word of God, Prophetic Dreams & various experience in various situations. This podcast information can benefit and prepare current and upcoming generations to shift culture and civilization into a more healthy one.

If you looking for answers about why’s of life where usual human thinking stops giving answers, instead it starts looking for them then this podcast is exactly for you, be patient and you might understand a lot why’s and then your life will change in a positive direction.

All I talk about is not to harm or offend anyone, its simply my take about topics talked about from my experience, studying, and research that will expand as years going on.
So Observe carefully all that I say

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