03.21.2022 Prophetic dream on 3.16.2022 Russia, Putin, the Lord exposing what’s hidden.



  1. In about 2014 I had a vision while driving east to west. The sky was filled with supersonic high altitude missiles coming from over Canada from the north into the USA. They even had vapour trails. I thought it was the end times happening, but it could be tied into this somehow, I don't know.

  2. America's getting exposed… Russia and everyone has their eyes on America, soon to see it's demise… even as the ships sitting afar off, stalled in the ocean… will see her burning, destroyed in one hour.. as Revelation puts it.

  3. Yes, you are right in your interpretation, Russia is now collecting all evidence of crimes in Ukraine. We have so far been deprived of a voice in the world and no one believes us about what is happening in that country and that the Russians are saving people from Nazism, and not killing them. Thank you for sharing this revelation, thank God.

  4. I feel lead that America is involved with Ukraine in a neg. Way and Putin will have something to do with the exposure! God can even use Putin for such a time as this…let's keep praying for repentance for the world as well as America! Amen!

  5. I kept thinking about other elements Christy. The door could be an official story to cover questionable (hidden) things happening in the Ukraine conflict…and the other party claimed it's their cover story.. If the (stealth) underwear came off so easily..it can mean that they're not even bothering now to hide (keep confidential) certain things…Or they could just hide them in plain view.. Because you walked out with your stealth underwear in your pocket like a happy camper…thinking that no one will know that your "prized possession" is not covered by (stealth) underwear anymore. Another important clue is that Putin did not come after your prized possession (aka honey pot) in the bathroom anymore, as you thought. That implies that in your dream you were supposed to draw him on that path, as part of a plan…but he didnt fall for it. I do think that Putin stopped pursuing this conflict with Ukraine for now…He will try to reorganize his resources, and reach for an agreement.
    When everyone will say peace and security..Putin will use his stallion nukes. It eventually gets to be a nuclear war , as many had dreams recently.

  6. Edit: 🙂 Lol…Im thinking that in the natural…the woman would try to put them back on (the underwear), but she walked out with them in her pocket (a more comfortable alternative to compromise maybe). The only time I saw pants or underwear coming off like that in one piece was during magic shows. So ..that can signify a magic trick ..a deception that made the woman to decide to walk and feel the breeze under without the garments (an experiment). The way God makes things happen is very complex. Probably the dream shows like you said an exposure of dirty (private) interests involved in the war between Russia- Ukraine. It's obvious that the whole thing involves political interests, economic interests, political power..etc The West including NATO are also hiding things and handling also the interests of private persons like Biden's son, who is a stock holder in a natural gas extraction company from Ukraine. None of them are Snow- white..:)…But God is using many people just as He used Judas Iscariot in the grand scheme of saving His children. God bless!

  7. Are you from the US? Because some sources out there are saying Putin is working with Trump. And the whole Russian Collusion thing could very well be flipping against the DS (symbolized by the door flipping on the other side) being exposed. (You represent the US). Possible interpretation???

    The clerk = business dealings?

    Who does the other woman represent? I cannot tell as there isn't enough information. But clearly it is related to Putin and global politics, and dirty laundry being exposed.

  8. It’s interesting that you don’t mention or think about America at all but I think it’s Putin and somebody very close to him probably an inner circle looking out for what America (which stands for you) has done or hidden in Ukraine. Ukraine has hope ms that America will protect it only to realize that America won’t or would not be of much help as had been thought and thus at the end of it all, everything that is hidden is laid bare. I think going to pay at the cashier may mean that people/countries will pay for what they have done after these great exposures. My two pence.

  9. I've been praying for a long time that God's light would shine on all the darkness and expose it all. In addition for those who do not repent, exercise HIS justice not mankind's justice so that His name would be feared and honored again in this world. Its been a long wait but I believe its starting to happen. The shaking has started and revival is on the back side. Enjoy your posts!! I see Jesus in you!!

  10. Sounded like you said the significant other of Putin could be represented as Israel? If so, with those two teaming up, you could actually be representing Iran in the dream and this is something to come still. God in all his magnificence and wonder could definitely give you one dream with two or more interpretations. Just my thoughts….

  11. Hi Christy!! You look so pretty! As always. ☺️
    Thank you for the Word from the Lord. 🙏🏻
    Can you please say a special prayer for my special needs daughter, Emily? She’s in great need of healing in her chest/spine area with scoliosis & rib protrusion causing her discomfort/pain. Please also pray we find a permanent home soon. Thank you and God Bless You!!


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