This is a Part 2 dream that goes with the “Gloria” dream from July 31, 2022. Honestly, I didn’t think “part 2” dreams were really something that happened but apparently, they are…so I bring this to everyone with great humility, praying the Holy Spirit of THE Creator God inspires you to seek the son Jesus with all your heart, soul and mind. In Him do we put our trust and faith. God bless.



  1. This can be an very literal dream. Your father was very thirsty and tired in the dream, and asked for a bottle of Coca-Cola to drink. I guess there will be lactic acid, or Acidophilus contamination to the water. The lactic acid, or Acidophilus can make people tired and weak, but the carbonated drink can be used to neutralize the acid. Not too long after people drink the carbonated drink, people will have strength again. That's why your father drank the Coke first and then drank the tap water after. And he was fine. people cannot drink the tap water without the neutralization of the water first, if it was contaminated by lactic acid, or Acidophilus.

    There is a dream called Military Presence in America/Political and Cultural Changes Coming: Dream from the Lord . I think it is a complement to your father's dream. Please check it out.

    Recently, Christians have dreams about the water supply getting contaiminated, poisoned, or polluted. I think it is related to your father's dream.


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