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Part 2-
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Over 40 minutes? Are you serious Freddy?
I’m a little crazy, but yes. Just take your time with this series.

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1. To expose true believers to rap music that will strengthen their faith
2. To expose non-believers to rap music that will bring them to faith in Christ Jesus.
3. To support Christian Rap Artists (I encourage you all to buy their Albums)
4. To Listen to enjoyable & good influential music

25. Da T.R.U.T.H.- The G.O.A.T.
24. Canon- Tell It All
23. Flame- Show Out (ft. Lecrae)
22. Flame- #1 Spot
21. Derek Minor- Real Recognize Real (ft. Lecrae & Pettidee)
20. Da T.R.U.T.H.- Hunger Games
19. Andy Mineo- Uno Uno Seis (ft. Lecrae)
18. Derek Minor- Loud Music (ft. Canon)
17. Canon- Oh Lawdy
16. Trip Lee- One Sixteen (ft. KB & Andy Mineo) Andy’s Verse
15. Viktory- God Over Everything (ft. ZG)
14. Lecrae- Misconception (ft. Propaganda, Braille, & Odd Thomas)
13. Trip Lee- Heart Problem
12. Thi’sl- Motivation
11. Andy Mineo- Benjamins (ft. Rich Perez & Izz)
10. Mouthpi3ce- By The Faith
9. KB- Church Clap (ft. Lecrae) REMIX
8. KJ-52- Superhero
7. Lecrae- Sacrifice
6. Andy Mineo- The Saints (ft. Trip Lee & KB)
5. Bizzle & Bumps INF- On One
4. Flame- Trap Money (ft. Thi’sl & Young Noah) Thi’sl Verse
3. Da T.R.U.T.H.- D.O.S.
2. Andy Mineo- Take Me Alive
1. 116 Clique- Come Alive (ft. KB, Tedashii, Derek Minor (fka PRo), Andy Mineo, Lecrae, & Trip Lee)

Intro & Outro Music thanks to Devesh Sodha
DeVso Music- Hope

See ya later FAM,
One Love, One Joy, One Peace= Jesus Christ




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