On this momentous day that was predicted 30 years ago on the cover of The Economist magazine, we discuss the rise of paganism in the UK and the US, Basil talks Rosewater, Amazon is caught with a sexist AI, and Elon is the face of God? Join us on Patreon to get MORE!


AGG for the WEEK of Sept. 26th- Oct. 3rd

YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST FOLKS! (Updates on stories)

European Nation Microchips Citizens With National ID Card Used For Banking, Voting, Insurance | Daily Wire

This robot dog will clean up after you

Extreme biohacking: the tech guru who spent $250,000 trying to live for ever | Science | The Guardian

Hashtag wars: how Facebook, Twitter, and social media changed how we fight wars – Vox

A geneticist and social scientist debate if we should edit the genomes of human embryos



Want to convince someone you’re not a robot? Use the word ‘poop’ – CNET

Artificial intelligence helps reveal how people process abstract thought

The Creepy-Cute Robot that Picks Peppers With its Face | WIRED

These adorable robots work together to build alien structures

Meet Vector, the cutest AI-powered robot ever

Anki’s cute Vector robot will include a mysterious Alexa integration

Can Neuroscience Teach Robot Cars to Be Less Annoying? – Bloomberg

Are AI robots the future of parenting in China? – CNN

Robot Cops in New York and the Human Condition | National Review

Robotic ‘skin’ transforms stuffed animals into soft bots. And that’s just the beginning.

MPs invite robot to give evidence on AI | The Independent

Robotic bees could pollinate plants in case of insect apocalypse | Environment | The Guardian

Walmart robot scrubs store floors – Business Insider

Humanoid construction robot installs drywall by itself

The Robots Are Coming To Las Vegas | KPBS

Instagram is using AI to detect bullying in photos and captions – The Verge

Artificial intelligence hates the poor and disenfranchised

Thinking Like a Human: What It Means to Give AI a Theory of Mind

Caltech time-traveling illusion tricks the brain into seeing things that aren’t there

The Pentagon Is Building Technology Allowing Troops To Control Machines With Their Minds | Zero Hedge

Cyber Tests Showed ‘Nearly All’ New Pentagon Weapons Vulnerable To Attack, GAO Says : NPR



Warren Buffet Is the CEO of Bitcoin, According to Google – Motherboard

Google Ad Reveals Search Giant’s Feelings On Bitcoin And Crypto

Juniper Research Report Suggests the Entire Cryptocurrency Market is Near ‘Implosion’ – Bitcoinist.com



Illumina-Backed Startup Asks SEC to Let It Pay People for DNA – Bloomberg

RAADfest: Inside the conference to reverse human aging

US plan to genetically alter crops via insects feared to be biological war plan | Environment | The Guardian

Discovery of first genetic variants associated with finding meaning in life

Gender dysphoria may have genetic basis: Australian study – Health – ABC News

Genetic disease healed using genome editing

Gene editing can’t help human fetuses yet, but it just made a big leap in mice | Popular Science

Scientists go ‘back to the future,’ create flies with ancient genes to study evolution

It’s better to be born rich than gifted – The Washington Post

Genetics research ‘biased towards studying white Europeans’ | Science | The Guardian

Asians finally have drugs ‘perfectly tailored’ to their genetics | Genetic Literacy Project

The First 1,000-Year-Old Person Could Already Be Alive, Thanks to A.I. | Inverse

Scientists Uncover The Ancient Love Triangle That Made You

New study identifies possible ancestors of RNA

Scientists have moved one step closer to RNA editing, which could be the next stage of CRISPR | TechCrunch

Yes, We’re Becoming Less Smart. But What Can We Do About It? | Psychology Today



Trump promotes anti-Semitic conspiracy theory on Twitter – ThinkProgress

Online Conspiracy Theories: The WIRED Guide | WIRED

Conspiracy Theorists Are Embracing A Microwave Theory About US Diplomats Injured In Cuba

Kyrie Irving apologizes to science teachers for spreading flat earth theories – SBNation.com

Should fake news be battled in the courts? – CNN

Taylor Swift’s endorsement of Marsha Blackburn’s opponent is a reality check for the alt-right – The Washington Post

Opinion | The Paranoid Style in G.O.P. Politics – The New York Times

On Politics With Lisa Lerer: Midterm Conspiracies – The New York Times

The one conspiracy theory that Republicans won’t believe – The Washington Post

MH370 news: Missing Malaysia Airlines plane captured MULTIPLE times on Google Maps…



  1. A.I. Is just the projected visual effective AVATAR for the puppet master behind the curtain. ooooh, aaaaah, another feeble attempts of Satan to glorify himself as God. He is working towards mixing clay with metal.

  2. is it a coincidence that the stock market crashed on 10-10-18 ????? the stock market looks really bad right now but bitcoin looks strong, looks like its about to go to the moon in a couple of days!! wow! the magazine and the current events are very similar


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