God is giving you a shortcut in these 11 prophetic dream symbols with a prophetic warning message. Watch this video to the end so that you don’t miss anything important.

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  1. The dream number 3 it's always happening with my life I dreamed about my ex boyfriend come sleep with me from 05:30Am and this make all my new relationship to leave me with out no reason and I can not stay in relationship more than a year Man when they come to me show serious with good ideas for me to be the right woman but at the end he leaves me with out no reason and you prayers for me my sister to cust out this demonic and delivery me against the works of devil.

  2. sir, i have seen second time the same dream, every time i was surrounded by people and when sick people arrived, some believer pray without oil but in my case in, my mind says me to use oil and prayer lying hand in their head and i see some time people gets deliver and some time my hand gets heat and sometime nothing happens please can you interpreted

  3. ◄ Jeremiah 23:28 ►
    The prophet that hath a dream, let him tell a dream; and he that hath my word, let him speak my word faithfully. What is the chaff to the wheat? saith the LORD.


  4. What if someone dreams about being in a certain occasion that seems to be like in church and she finds out there are two denominations one is for her and another one is for the other denominations then you find out that the denomination that is not yours is doing well compared to your own what does that mean

  5. I dream more time about one dead woman and her living doughter they following me want me to talk with them as friends but always I doubt because I know that one is a dead one! And she is the one always insisting want to talk to me till she asked me is we fight! Really I am tired of those devil people in my dreams I don't like them at all! Because that one alive she doesn't talk at me in a really life! I prayed and pray they still come! Woman of God please I need your prayers 🙏

  6. I dreamt
    I called my boyfriend and a woman picked up saying she is his woman,mother of his child:::
    From that time my relationship has gone bad I can just say we are done
    I feel so sad and so sad

  7. Mine they confuse me one man I wished to marry me went with another woman but now when am sleeping I dream only my bestie who went for another woman and in real life I love him what brings that 🙏🙏

  8. Good morning and blessings to you. I woke up this morning a bit rattled as I had a dream that I never had before. I dreamt that I was living in an old house that wasn’t too bright, i was going up the stairs, a very long and narrow stair. The strange thing about this dream is that my boss was there with me and I was showing him my living conditions, there was a mountain of clean clothes that were very wrinkle and my adult son was trying to fold the clothes which had made my boss a little bit irritated because he felt it wasn’t being done right. My boss doesn’t know my son, they have never met. To as the end of the dream my boss was showing concern for me as he was seeing me living in poor conditions. I don’t know what it means, but I feel this dream is important.
    Can you please help me decipher this message? Thank you.

  9. Wawoooo, I don't know how I ended on ur channel 🤔because am dreaming so much these days. But I don't remember what I dream😟😟😟
    I dream about my grandfather whom I don't even think of but I loved him. Tryed to remember but all in vain. And now am not well in my self. What it means I don't know

  10. I've had a few dreams in the past, I dreamed of a snake curled up under my bed( I figured it meant that someone was trying to go against me but they were afraid), I've dreamed about making cake for others, the number 7:45, my list goes on and on.

  11. I once dreamt being paralyzed and when I woke up to pray I was paralyzed and I couldn't even come out of bed so I prayed inside and I was claiming to be free in the name of Jesus I felt relaxed like there was somebody who was holding me tightly and then I met your channel oooh God have mercy on me strengthen my faith and walk with me in the name of jesus

  12. I dreamt that i was eating sweet potatoes the cooked ones then after i ate the uncooked one again when i was moving with a certain man but i don't understand yet the dreams was too long


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