115 will bring, Robot arm that feeds us, romaine lettuce is a no go, FCC lets Elon launch internet satellites, an AI algorithm to customize your Bible, breakthroughs in neural networks and quantum computers called the Perceptron, and a Nephilim Update on Darksiders.

This episode is dedicated to Doc Marquis, whose testimony coming out of the Illuminati gave us a glimpse of how truly evil the world might be, but more importantly, how amazing our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ truly is! (Doc Marquis Oct 26, 1956 – Nov 20, 2018)

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  1. Actually most of the first-world has very limited access to actual real nourishing food. Most of our "bounty" is just an illusion consisting of processed or adulterated garabage. Try finding and buying raw farm-fresh meats, non pasteurized (aka not ruined) dairy, vegetables and fruits with no preservatives and no GMO. It's prohibitively expensive for even middle class families.


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