Here are 12 common Christian dating mistakes that you can avoid with the help of the Holy Spirit and when you apply the word of God.

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  1. No.7 is me…. I’m guilty of that. Always felt pressured to have EVERYTHING set before even thinking to be with someone. And people often mis-read me as cold, crazy career oriented person, but deep down I’m a super romantic one. Sometimes you just gonna loosen up a bit:) and TRUST GOD

  2. Many here are against dating apps! It’s not the app that doesn’t work but rather people’s lack of discernment.
    I know many married people that met online.
    How else do you meet people these days everyone is so busy.
    God bless

  3. 7 is so difficult to accept because I constantly find myself being insecure, and i’ve been told that no woman likes needy, insecure men. I keep telling myself, be still and know he is God, but does stillness have anything to do with not searching and waiting for the right person to come to you?

  4. Can young Christian people even meet their future spouse through apps like Bumble or Tinder? I know you really can’t answer that, i’m just looking for someone to share their experience.

  5. I asked a woman out in my church. We exchange numbers and she said we would talk about it. We did text each other afterwards. Although we only text casual like in how are you doing. I never gotten a clear yes or no. I feel like if I ask her again I'm being too pushy or desperate. I'm always initiating the text messages. She does not text me or anything. In assuming she just not interested in me or going out. Could I please have another input on this. Thanks.

  6. Hi Mark! I just wanna say thank you for all of your advice and knowledge about being a Christian single. I wanted to ask you about Christians that want to get married but are single for many years, why does this happen and how do I avoid this? 😂

  7. I have had 2 real dates with a woman, and gone to church with her 2 other times. I tried to kiss her on the lips and she didn’t seem to respond, although I kind of came in from the side etc. Now she says she feels like I just want to be friends because I didn’t hold her hand or kiss her on the lips . I admit I went slow, and messed up that way, but I want a relationship with her. I had already asked out Valentine’s Day and she said yes. Now she doesn’t want to because she thinks I just want to be friends. I have now told her I want a relationship. She said she will call me tonight. Not sure what to do. I am praying and fasting, help!

  8. #9 Letting go of my mission dreams and the handsome, tall, blue-eyed Christian gentleman I imagined myself with. Get rid of false expectations. Go out and be seen, and stop saying no to men, start saying yes to dates. Stop being so picky. I'm all for it. Hope I can overcome my shyness and meet a brave man who will understand that I'm just bashful, I want to get to know him, but I'm learning how to not be so reserved and shy. I don't want the attention of a bunch of men, just the love of my life, just one.

  9. Isaac, Hosea and Boaz didn't actively pursue women. I'm not advocating being passive but I do think it's important to trust God to bring the right person. God will bring the right person if it's his will for your life. The person God brings into your life will be better than you imagined. If you want to actively seek a partner by using on-line dating or if you have the confidence to approach and have a conversation with a person you like then I would urge caution. You can't make love happen before the appointed time. If the time isn't right or if the people are not right for each other the relationship will not grow but fail resulting in disappointment. Love happens when you least expect it, when God allows it not before. God bless.

  10. Agree with all except ONLINE DATING. As a Christian Man, will never ever online date again. I did tinder, lots of matches but super worldly matches. I’m good on that. Christian mingle; weird people. Just weird. Yoga bible readers? Wiccan Baptist’s? Who support abortion?? Haha weird. Plus men, there is no shortage of spiritually strong and determined Woman in this beautiful faith we call Holiness. Fellas we gotta hit the gym, work, get an IRA, avoid porn and Netflix, laugh, have fun and read the Bible. Travel. Ditch the club. Ditch Instagram; ditch twitter. Go to conferences. Meet Believers. Go to Love seminars like Tony Gaskins and Of course Marks. Avoid friends who still get high. Lose the hip hop. And weed. And getting drunk on weekends. I love being a Christian. It’s hard at times especially after gym and you know I’m a man I don’t stare but look. But Job said I made a covenant with my eyes not to stare upon a maidenZ don’t gawk. And don’t online date. Join the ministry. Serve. Be fly in Christ. Worship unashamed. Honor woman. I love what Adam said: flesh of my flesh bone of my bone. I’m excited to begin dating again soon.


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