2 Hours Non Stop Worship Songs 2022 With Lyrics – Best Christian Worship Songs of All Time
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  1. Thank you for continuing to post this music as I find it so very prophetic now…I see so many people awake and praying calling out and trusting Jesus and I see some still asleep awaiting mercy also…but with the way the world has set the stage for the coming of the antichrist I expect to see him put himself forward politically soon …charismatic the Lord says…so I do not listen to guesses or dreams but the Word of God… He has said it calls for a mind of wisdom so expect it to be difficult not easy to figure out at first …time to stay awake spiritually…thank You Jesus for waking me up …I trust You with everything in me Lord and You know my heart so You know this is true…I believe in miracles I have seen Your mighty power and felt Your overwhelming love that brought me to my knees …I believe in the power of prayer so plz believers keep fellowship even if online and stay in God's Word…the evil one tricked me getting me to see if I really was a born again Christian without the Bible…but praise God for my awakening and repentance…I seek the Lord with all my heart Spirit and strength and trust Him more than life itself… Jesus comes after His lost sheep and never ever stop trusting Jesus that He's here , He's within us , He needs our whole hearts and our tears are heard as prayers kept in a bottle…that's how much God loves you …Praise and Glory to our Father Yah , our Savior Jesus Christ and Your Holy Spirit Lord… quicken our spirits … prepare us for a fresh anointing that will change the world to bring You Glory God and for the world to acknowledge Jesus Christ as our King our Mighty protector can be trusted …I love You so much Jesus… thank You 💓💓💓

  2. Hi folks do ya have a home? I don't I live in a tent all seasons Hope b.c. Canada! Where is my faith and Hope and Hope b.c.! All seasons summer winter fall and maybe spring! No Chance of a Apartment money and vacancy problem! Blessing all

  3. sense in song a one I wake up in the morning have healing song I'm hearing that song is my diet a one person so touch my heart but maybe the sign of glory but I accept god what U give for me a right path I offer for U my heart and soul

  4. I was paralyzed in bed last year and I heard Jesus say out loud to me – If you believe in me get up and walk💜🕊💜 I got up and not only walked but went for a walk outside. Praise God!!!!! GOD IS ALWAYS WORKING!!!! ✌💜🕊🙏

  5. Thank you very much for creating this Worship songs album, the sound is powerful and clear and plus the larger size lyrics also is easy to read it , God Bless you all abundantly 🙌🕊✝️

  6. Glory and praise you Lord Jesus Christ! I lift all my life needs and hearts desire into your hands. Please provide me with everything that I need and my family and love ones need. Thank you so much for all the graces you have given me and all that are yet to come.

  7. Super kul soul lifting songs.highly recommended when u feel down or low cos that was my state earlier.God bless both singers n compilers n bless us all too n give us d grace n strength to carry on d fight of faith.Amen

  8. I was a heavy drinker..alcoholic. since my early 20s through till I was 40…it was a very dark n lonely place for me..no one knew how much I was suffering mentally n emotionally coz I knew how to hide my pain…but this mighty God reached out n saved me…without him I don't know where would I be today

  9. All sing and Love each other and Sing forever of His Great Love For us ."You can go 40 days without food.3 days without water. 8 minutes without air.But you can't go single second without God.Amen🙏🏽🧡

  10. Sorry music praise, this is not non stop. It stops every few minutes for adverts! Is this a commercial enterprise for profit or are you supposed to be uplifting us for Gods glory? Shame on you.

  11. AMENN ♥️♥️♥️. Bless you Lord. Oh. My soul. Holy Spirit stay with me always. No matter where I go. Stay with me. Please. More than ever I need you. Help me to travel to PR. Also help me to win the case in Supreme Court in PR. You are the only one in charge. Your are my only judge who knows what's going on. I will wait for you to take action. Walking by Faith. AMENN ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️


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