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0:03 Still
4:03 Lord I Need You
7:23 Jesus I Need You
12:00 Hosanna
16:15 Beauty for Ashes
21:27 How Great Is Our God
26:09 10,000 Reasons
30:18 I Came For You
35:53 Break Every Chain
43:12 No Longer Slaves
48:40 My Life Is In Your hands
52:49 As You Find Me
59:00 Mighty To Save
1:05:00 The God I Know
1:11:13 You Set Me Free
1:16:18 Reckless Love
1:21:16 The Anthem
1:27:01 You Are My All In All
1:29:39 Remembrance
1:34:48 You Say
1:39:09 Another in The Fire
1:43:54 Our God
1:48:56 Everlasting God
1:52:06 This is Amazing Grace
1:56:37 Thank You Lord
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  1. I was raised in an abusive home. My dad had schizophrenia but refused meds. Mom got out of the relationship when I was 15. It was a horrible time dealing with the aftershock. I had a breakdown. My teen years were confusing. I got angry a lot. I didn't trust men. I got married & 7 yrs later accepted Jesus in my life. I studied the Bible & God became my father & I found my worth.

  2. This account is my son accout.. Eversince i like listening to a praising and worship song this part of daily life. Now that Im in the lowest point of my life and seeking for help and hope. These praising song served as my streght to overcome the big problem that I am facing right now. I'm holding to my faith. Lord God please help me to surpass this challenge in my life i live you Lord❤❤❤

  3. I need LORD JESUS more than ever before in this time of turmoil of wickedness without JESUS I fall apart and I rather die. 🙏 I love YOU LORD JESUS and can't do without YOU. 😪

  4. I was a drug addict as well … lost everything I had … but God !!! Gave my heart to God , now I’m married to and amazing woman of God have a beautiful family … we both preach the gospel and we’ve traveled all over to tell the goodness of Jesus Christ our Lord and savior… have a good job a few cars and a beautiful home … all glory goes to God … this has been about 10 years now … IS THERE ANYTHING TO HARD FOR GOD ??? 🙏🔥❤️

  5. Thank you sweetheart of l beg you lord Jesus this praises songs delivered my broken heart 💔 Jesus delivers my daughter Jessica from druggy and free my son Michael from the hands of the wicked spirits demons lucifer the evil doers in the society thank Jesus I continue to sing for you because you never fails and you never lies to those who have hope trust believe in you Jesus I know one ☝️ wipes my sincere tears 😭 amen 🙏🏻

  6. I have a hacking cough for almost a week that I can't seem to shake off. Please pray for my complete healing and those in my household that are ill. I'm a full time caregiver and being sick is not fun when you have to care for others.

  7. Amados a palavra d Deus diz vigiai e orai pois não sabeis nem o dia nem a hora (Mateus 25:13) então meus irmãos eu quero lembrá-los q é tempo d vigilância d busca d voltar-se para Deus q venhamos Buscar o reino de Deus em primeiro lugar e deixá-lo sempre em primeiro lugar em nossas vidas Desperta tu q dormes!

    Deus abençoe

  8. Friday 7th January 3
    2022 🔥💪💪💪🔥💝👑💰🩸💪❤🌴🎵🎶💯🔊🔊🎀🩸👑📖🙌📖🌴📖🏠📖💰🎀💙🎀🚗💪🔥💯🎁🎵🎁🌴📖❤🙌👑💝🩸🙏🔥


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