My dad and daughter each dreamed prophetic dreams on the same night. Could these dreams mean war is coming on USA soil? Regardless of the meaning…keep your eyes on Jesus and how he has saved us on the cross. He’s coming back some day. Stay close to Him. God bless!!



  1. I wonder why this message not getting to our black minister and seems like they not concern about it dangerous.🤔. I believe these visions are true. Do any body have answers for this question? I like to know

  2. Not sure where to start. So I'll start with the only vision or whatever it was 1st. This happened about 11-12 years ago. This experience was the beginning of Just trying to find answers. 1 answer honestly led to 10 more ?s. So it was July I forget the year. After seeing something at the time I couldn't explain in the sky. Gave me chills honestly. I layed my head on a pillow. Had a cot type bed in the living room. I just sent my 8 year old daughter to bed. I was kinda n shock at what just happened. But this takes the cake. The second my head hit the pillow I was immediately outside. But the 1st thing I noticed was the loudest noise I've ever heard. I put my hands over my ears to no avail. I remember thinking oh my God it sounds like the earth is tearing itself apart. To my absolute shock I looked towards the north north East. And what I saw still floors me. I saw n not even exaggerating this. The ground raising up around 50-75 feet in the air in a rolling motion to the south south west. The ground was just falling behind this rolling of the ground. As far as I could see there was no more land. It approached the gravel road in front of me about 20 feet from me. I raised off that cot so fast. Heart pounding. I was not sleeping. I turned on the TV at 11 exactly for background noise and the TV show my name is Earl was running the starting credits. After I got up I noticed the credits running but at 1st I thought the show ended. No it hadn't started yet. This to me was almost as shocking as the quake itself. This earthquake was like nothing anyone had ever saw. I'm guessing here but it must have been over a 12.0 on the rictor scale. I was not a born again believer yet at this time….. Couple years ago by. I'm really getting into the bible now. One night i start getting a series of dreams. 3 nights in a row. Different dream each night except the 2nd night I had the same dream 2 times. Until 2 weeks ago that has never happened B4. Yes to all reading this I know how crazy this sounds. So I do my prayers n lay down. Im suddenly in a secret service agents body. I know during this that it's my spirit in the man's body. We're sitting down to eat at the white house. Someone was about to enter the room. So I knew who it was so I out of respect of the title this man carried I got up and jokingly said is Mr president finally going to join us for dinner….. I said that as I turned n I was looking at the floor as I turned then… I suddenly am struck with a fear I can't describe. I see Mr Os shoes this fear strikes me. Must hit my soul or spirit as I knew this was not my body. I continued my eyes upwards. The closer I get to his face the more terror I'm struck with. So I'm looking at Mr obummer in his face now my body is trembling with fear. I see half this man's face was human but his right my left looking at him was half something else. I can't explain much of it. Except the eye was glowing a bright blue eyeball. Mr obummer pointed at me. IDK why. Assuming he knew his secret service man wasn't there IDK. The scene changed into what appeared to b a ballroom area with round tables and white cover cloths on them except it looked like a tornado went through this room. Tables flipped over. Disaster area. I was hiding under 1 of these tables with anoth man IDK who it was. Then I say I hope the Lord saves us. I woke up. 2nd night I see what I think at 1st is a meteor coming into our atmosphere but I thought that tail looks very odd. What is that. A missile?? Couldn't b a missile the trail in the back looks strange. I woke up n prayed. I asked to c it again because I couldn't understand it. Played back down n same exact dream. I now believe I saw the new hypersonic missile of Russia and or China. To this day that's the only thing the trail behind it looks like to my knowledge.. 3rd night I got to meet Jesus Christ!!!! I will say he's everything we think he is and more. I fell on my face in front of him crying. He hugged me. I knew how perfect he was n how u perfect dirty I was to him. He was nice and kind and loving. I actually woke up crying. Now they get out of order. U c I drank and did lots of drugs for alot of my life. I don't know Incase anyone is wondering. I remember being outside someone's house no idea who's. When the moon turned blood red like very fast. Then the moon disappeared behind what I can only describe as a darkness that u could actually feel. This was actually very scary for me to see. I still wasn't born again. Darkness covered everything outside. But inside lights r on TV was working showing the news if I remember correctly. I get this feeling and tell everyone in this house get away from all windows and doors. So everyone kinda huddles around n behind me. In complete shock I see a huge foot. Had sandels on. This was a giant man. The door of this house was impressive as it was rounded at the top. 7-8' door. This man's knee was at the top of the door. He gets down on all 4s to look inside. His head took nearly all the door space. That dream ended. So much typing lol. 2 months ago I saw china invading the USA. It was winter time snow on the ground. In the sky I saw WW2 planes two of them flew into house's of a small town. I live n a small town around 800 people. Someone was with me. He takes off around a house we're both standing at to the left. Runs out of sight. Then I'm shocked to see a square pattern of what look like bullets hitting the ground all within a blink of an eye. IDK what kind of weapon was used but I knew that man was dead. So I decided to go to the right of this house and a short around 5' tall Chinese soldier points his rifle at me. I put my hands up. I had no gun on me. Dream ended. Oh the earthquake from the beginning I knew was November. I still don't know the year. I've heard others say when USA divides Israel God will divide the USA. Perhaps that's what causes this quake. But IDK. I'm just posting a few here to read. Hopefully this helps. I think it's nap time again. God bless you and remember have no fear. Fear God almighty n nothing else. For years I was scared of many things I've seen but Jesus Christ will take that all away if we let him. He chased me down I promise he can chase u down too. Seek him now with your whole heart. He's waiting for u!!!!!!!

  3. Crazy. I had a dream of China troops here. I live in Missouri. There was snow on the ground. I won't go into details but I've had many. Holy spirit recently baptized me. N quickly I realized I was wrong. Pretrib rapture is true. I couldn't c it without the holy spirit. I was so wrong

  4. We've got a problem, Houston! The black horse is famine, red is war, white is antichrist-these are all things to come but yes, for those that have the Lord we are protected! When you spoke about the 2 types of trees,(avocado & maple) it may have meant the northern and the southern borders will be where the attack comes from!

  5. My take on these 2 separate dreams are actually the same dream, only your father's dream is more specific. I believe I have the gifts as well. I have vivid visions, and believe I can interpret it. He it goes. Your daughters dream about bad food/no food or much at all confirm famine, but the war sounds like communist countries. Two very large ones like china(red) part of the color of the many cows coming out of the water, and Russia (white). The other colors of those same cows. Now here's the real kicker, both of your dreams include a spiritual evil entity, that would be the comment that isn't fully clear to me in your daughters dream is what part is missing in her part of that feeling maybe about a spirit possibly in this attack, but your father's dream specifically has a black (demon) cow, with a white face, not sure about why the white face yet. I haven't slept on it yet, God will fill out more for me when I ask him. Anyway back to the dreams. They are so much alike I believe with the help of others this could fill in to be a complete warning for what soon will happen. The demons join right in with this Armageddon war happening right in your daughters dream. This will happen right after Jesus returns for his children. I believe your family is giving a serious warning to all people. If they watch, and understand God sends warnings to use just like other blessings as well. Anyway that's my immediate take on it. Also there's a similar matching YouTube video you must watch and compare, his is detailed very well also. It's ( My prophetic dream) God bless, spread love, and share!!!!

  6. I know Russia is moving troops and equipment to Latin America for "War Games" or practice drills. I think China will be in Canada and as we continue to ship out all of our equipment overseas to help fight a proxy war, we will be sitting ducks here at home.

  7. America is Babylon Read chapter 13 of Isaiah 50,51 a Jeremiah chapter 17 and 18 of Revelation is america. No pre-tribulation rapture you're here until the end that is the word of God that is truth. 100 identifying marks to prove that USA is Babylon.

  8. also i had a dream in late 2000's. china invaded from southern california, from the ocean. D-day style. troops and equipment flooded in. they surrounded and laid seige to all the western cities; CA, OR, WA NV, & AZ. i saw in CA especially los angeles, the people became totally lawless, killing, raping & setting everything on fire. alot starved to death. the chinese troops didnt let anything enter or leave the cities. the bulk of the chinese armies blitzkrieg east. like ants. no real strategy just moved fast… in the dream i was in NM with maybe 10-12 other guys. we were going to take out as many as we could before being overrun. i wondered how did their whole navy cross the ocean without any fight. and even though the sky was clear and blue, there were no American aircraft. i wondered why our air force was absent. Americans have plenty of guns, but how were we going to stop their tanks? i kept watching the horizon. i knew any minute we would see their armies approaching. and i woke up drenched in sweat.

  9. its like the 2 black cows gave 'birth' or 'awakened' all the other cows to come out… 2 dark, troubled years before recovery or awakening??? the 2 witnesses??? i dont know


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