These two dreams seem to be warning us of the coming world issues with water and wheat. Heed the warnings but most importantly look up and see our Lord Jesus ready to love and save us! Heaven is our home! God bless!



  1. 1. The ground was so hard for digging a cesspool. Seems that the ground water level dropped significantly.
    2. Cold water for Europe, and dirty water for the US in the next Shemitah cycle. Because Europe is lacking energy to heatup water. And the mega rich in the US will steal the water right from the small farmers.
    3. In the past year, there were a lot of wheat filed fires in the America, China, and Europe. Please watch Massive Montana Field Fire!!!!!!!! 2021 Wheat Harvest .
    4. The dry cotton field VS the lush and green cotton field. Currently, Be_ill Gates owns a lot of farm land in the US. I think he will get the water right and the small farmers will not get it. Please watch Why Bill Gates Is Buying Up U.S. Farmland .
    5. Genesis 26. God bless Isaac so much that he got hundredfold of crop yield during the famine. Please read verses 1 and 12.
    6. There was a big bully kept on stealing Isaac's water right in Genesis 26. But, Isaac got his writer right in the end, because God bless Isaac so much that his enemy was affraid of him. I wonder what will happen if your father kept on digging the cesspool. Maybe that cesspool will become a cistern.


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