These two dreams are warning dreams! Attacks from without and within are coming or even already upon us! Stay firm in the love and power of the Holy Spirit! Jesus saves! Turn to him and declare Him the son of God, be saved then follow His teachings! He loves all of us so much!!!



  1. you are correct Sister–persecution will increase however the Bride shall be an Overcomer.The Bride can easily discern her enemies from the unbelievers,the real test and reality is from the so called religious believers possessed by a jezebel,religious and leviathan spirit–the worldy counterfeit church.We shall overcome by the blood of the Lamb and by the Word of our testimony and NOT to love our lives unto death.

  2. I had a dream a year or so ago that greatly upset me. I woke up shaking and crying and it continued to have a big , deep impact on me for a long time afterwards I still feel great sadness when I remember this dream . I have only had a few prophetic dreams so this is not a common thing for me. I dreamed I was in a large city and was looking over a part of the city where there were houses and residential apartments. At the same time, I could see the tall buildings and a tall church steeple behind me and to my left. I was floating above the city. Everything was on fire! Everything was burning,. The entire ground was on fire and I could see red, angry flames coming from the windows of them many buildings. It looked as though the bomb, or whatever had hit, had just happened because things were on fire but had not burned up completely. I knew that everyone was dead inside the buildings and the city . Nothing was moving and the fire covered every inch of the city that I could see from my position in the air, above the ground. I cried knowing all the people inside had been burned by whatever had happened in their city. There were no survivors and the only sound I heard was that if the fires.I believe this is New York City , although I was not given the name of the city. I did feel it was America that I had seen and we were bombed by our enemy but I didn't know who that was or when it will occur.

  3. Because of 20 yrs of war in Iraq and Afghanistan we now have millions of combat veterans still of military age. Most of these vets oun weapons similar to the ones they used in service. Anyone trying to invade the US would face the largest and best equipped civilian army in the world. That's on top of our regular military and reserves. I'm sure the larger biker gangs wouldn't just stand by and watch. They are literally an army on wheels.

  4. I had a dream in June 2019. In my dream I saw three Chinese people well and professionally dressed. They were rushing towards me and as they were pushing me to the side they said: “Get out of the way, we’re in charge now”. Then I was taking to another scene where I saw a few of my sisters from church and they were working (doing their regular jobs) however it appears as something has changed in the atmosphere (I think it has to do with government regulations, laws or something) I kind of had an idea of what it was but wasn’t sure. All I know was that (in this dream) we were not allowed to speak or say anything about the change but my sisters from church even though a change happened we were at peace (peace of God that overpasses all understanding) They weren’t afraid but relaxed and at peace. We were wondering what have happened. It was strange the feeling we had from this change. But we couldn’t say a word about it. Then this is where it got interesting. I woke from my dream and went to brush my teeth and as I was brushing my teeth I’m meditating in the dream I just had. I’m looking myself in the mirror when the Spirit of God came upon me. I was caught up in the Spirit and the Spirit of Jesus our Lord spoke to me and said this to me: “Change of Government”. Not audible but I heard it in my spirit. Very very clear. Undoubtedly. I didn’t know what it meant but for what I’m seeing, hearing and what’s happening I truly believe God gave me a prophetic dream about what’s to come. And I feel it’s coming fast. there’s a change of government that is about to happen. This change may cause persecution to the church Matthew 24 is about to play in our lifetime. But one thing I must say: “Jesus is coming!” We’re in the last days. He said: “So you also, when you see these things, know that is near at the door” v33. After a period of trial of the purification of the church then we will be caught up in the air to be with the Lord. 1 Tes. 4:17. God bless you all. PS. I wrote this last year so it may sound off on the timing.

  5. I dreamed I was at a wedding all I saw was a white dress with a table with a white tablecloth on it beside the bride . There was nothing on the table. A black man crouched down and came to the table and picked a gun up from the top of the table . I thought that wasn't there before where did it come from and he pointed it at me.


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