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  1. Hello "E"Man 😊 I Hope You Have Been Well,You Have In My Opinion Are A True "Angel,A Beautiful Gift Made From God Our Creator Of All Things,& One,You Are Right On About Everything,You Are Truely An Angel Of Earth. I Have So Much More To Tell You,Ever Since I Watched Your Video About What "Christmas" Really Means,My Eyes Now See Things For What They "Really,& Truely Are&Mean In Life,I Watched A Little Bit Of That Award Show,But I Got Sick Of Seeing All These People That "Are In Plain Sight,Satan Worshipers"! Just Like How "SANTA",Is Really "SATAN"! If you People Who Have Watched Means Videos,Then For Those Of You Whom Are "Really" In Touch With Reality Knows What He Says& Posts Are 100%,No 1Billion,Trillion % Absolutely True& If Anyone Should Dought Him,"Then I Pray That You Find Faith,More Faith,Before It's Too Late…"E"man "Your The BEST,And No Matter What,You Have Opened My Eyes To Things I Never Thought Happened In " Real Life",& I Pray For Those Of You Whom Are Lost,The Ones That Are Lost To The Dark Side,May God Bless Bless You,For In The End,Hes The Only One Who Will Have The Last Word,I Wish I Could Tell You All My Story,But Most Of You Don't Understand This World This "Real Life",Reality,When It Hits,It Hits Hard,So If You Don't Belive In God,or Heaven,Then I Pray That You Find The Light,Before It's Too Late,&The Time Is Closer Than You May Think… Emanuel,Your Perfect,A Gift From God,and I Will Be Calling You Soon My Friend 😘

  2. So my dream is become a soccer player one day and play in one of the big leagues and i just hope i don't up selling my soul to the devil just to get farther to being the next messi

  3. C'mon man, really? I mean, taking religiosity to this level? To actually believe that everything is related to god and or satan? This is not healthy bro. There are too many really bad things happening in the world, manmade things that causes us suffering. Focus on changing thinking, not this. This is not worth it

  4. thank you brother for your video's! I love you with the love of Christ! I pray for many blessings for you and your family! and the enemy has in message in almost everything that's on tv these days..that's why as soon as I dedicated my life to Christ it's like my eye's are wide open and see all the wicked and their doings right in plain sight when i didn't see it before so again thank you for your very informative videos! God bless

  5. the image of Satan in the cartoon has three fingers. and what's strange is people who claim to be abducted by " alians" as we know are really demons but abductees have described them of having three fingers. mmmm…

  6. thanks for opening up my eyes,.. your a real angel,. you just saved a lost soul, it's a reason I didn't like rap and other music. for those who don't believe in the lord, there blinded by the world, it don't matter who believes you, just keep doing your thing brother,. just just don't know how much you touch me,. Ty again.. and people with negative comments thank you to God bless you

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