An in depth look at the events leading up to the november election in light of end times prophecy and the return of jesus christ to the earth. This documentary makes the case we are seeing the end unfolding right before our eyes and have been for centuries.



  1. Sorry to say, but the "killing of George Floyd" was yet another PsyOp. Think about it:

    1. George Floyd and "Police Officer" Derek Chauvin worked together in the same club as bouncers for 17 YEARS.

    2. NEVER once did George say: "Yo, Derek, it's George. Yo man, from the club? Yo bro, what's going on man?!!!"

    3. George Floyd was able to speak clearly for 8 minutes, while being choked. "I can't breathe!"

    4. George outlasted EVERY MMA fighter EVER by like 7 minutes.

    5. And NO MMA fighter has EVER died from being 'choked out.'

    6. As soon as an MMA fighter goes out, the referee stops the fight and revives the fighter.

    7. When George Floyd 'passed out' 3 EMT's in an Ambulance with OXYGEN were there and they were NOT able to revive him?!!! Seems kinda suspicious, don't you think???

    8. Derek Chauvin's next door neighbors of 12 Years NEVER thought he was a Police Officer…they thought he was a Real Estate agent. EVERY Police Officer that I have EVER known drives his police car home and parks it right in front of his house as extra security.

    9. And his neighbors NEVER saw him in uniform.???

    Listen, always remember that THEY have been lying to US since long before our Grandparents were born. PsyOps are everywhere. They used that BS act to try to start a race war…to further separate us. We must all continue to awaken and help others do the same. Peace


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