Leveling can always be a less expensive option when wanting to modify your truck. Are you looking for leveling kit options for the 2021 Ford F-150? Today we give you the good, better, and best options when it comes to leveling your 2021 F150! Keep on watching to learn more!

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Products mentioned in this video…
Zone- https://bit.ly/3wT3WY9
ReadyLift- https://bit.ly/3f4gQvE
Roush by Fox- https://bit.ly/2PYcLPR

Intro- 0:00
Zone Offroad Leveling Kit- 0:50
ReadyLift 2″ Level- 4:32
Roush by Fox Coil Over- 6:50

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  1. I have a 2015 f150 that I leveled a couple weeks ago 2.5 with 22” wheels on 33 tires and I knew some ride quality was going to be gone but when I hit a bump or rough spots in the highway it seems to throw my truck sideways one way or another kind of like it comes off the ground but definitely seems like I lose control of it while I’m hitting that rough spot in the highway I did all that at the same time so just asking what would be the problem haven’t had time to go back to the place that did the work but I never seen anybody else mentioned anything like this just trying to see where I or them go wrong thanks in advance your truck looks great

  2. The last ROUSH by Fox 2.0 kit does not come with a moded cam and follower for camber adjustments on this lift. Can the camber adjustment be made well within specs without them, and if so, why did the Ready Lift 2" lift (leveling) kit come with the modified cam and follower?

  3. After watching a few of your videos, I found, I'm liking the leveling better than the lift process. Mitch you should workout with C-love at least 2 days a week. Being behind the camera is taking it's toll. Just a thought.💪

  4. FYI – I called Fox and talked to a support engineer. They do NOT, I repeat NOT advise anyone to put this kit on a 2021. It works fine on a 2020 but the weight and geometry of the 21 is different and it’s possible this will actually damage you’re new truck. They said they’re engineering one specific for the 2021 but it will not be out until later this year.

  5. Hey guys, I know this video is a few months old now, but have a question on the higher end trims now coming with ccd. I have a 2021 f150 limited coming soon with the ccd suspension and I thought I’ve seen that it won’t be compatible with any of the current leveling kits. Do you have any input here, just looking for a 2in or so level and maybe 33-34 in tires with stock wheels. Thanks!

  6. On my 2021, 2×4, sport: I just put a 2.25 inch front leveling spacer and 295x65R20 Nitto Ridge Grapplers… No rubbing. Looks Great. These tires mounted and aired up measure exactly 34 inches tall.

    On a road I previously got 22mpgs now I get 21mpgs…

    Edit/update: I added the ford catalog mug/splash guards front and rear and now I have a little rubbing sound on the plastic and it really irritates me because the tires look so good and they were so expensive. Also, I didn't notice this before but when you lock the wheel all the way the rubber on the front tires do lightly rub the outside of the exposed truck frame. Looking back now I'd go with one size smaller tire.

  7. My new Platinum F150 rides really nice but I want to add a level kit and not lose the existing ride or even make it better. Won’t be doing any off-road, suggestions for the best option, thanks

  8. Do you think that there will be an aftermarket air bag kit or lift kit for the 2022 F150 Lightning? I like my trucks to have a slight rake or be a bit higher on the back to counter the truck from squatting after connecting a trailer.


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