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  1. The antichrist is here!!! The antichrist is here!!!

    I am a messianic jew in jerusalem. Since covd started we have been having private synagogue in our houses. Someone came saying he is messiah. I know he is not Yeshua!!!! In wealthy homes they are setting up small altars to do animal sacrifice. My parents are deceived they think this guy is messiah. I tried showing them Revelation but they don't believe in new testament or in Yeshua!@

    He told us his name! his name is !!!!!!! He has his mark too!!!

    Please tell your people in america don't let them set up this altar in your house and don't sacrifice animals to this false messiah!!

    Whenever they do the sacrifice I smell a nasty dark evil spirit. my parents say they can't smell it! I think only people who believe in Yeshua can smell this evil thing!

  2. Most of the churches preach the same wrong doctrine: 1. You can take the vaccine because it's not the mark of the beast, because the Anti-Christ is not on the scene, yet and 2. Don't worry: we be raptured away antyway before the AC appears…how much more deceiving can they be?? Those new in Christ will probably believe them blindly. It's so scary and very difficult for us to get the truth accross to them!
    I have not yet found a church that teaches the truth! I'm shocked of friends and "strong Christians in the faith" telling me they would take the Vaxx if they had no other choice… i'm just very sad and shocked.

  3. So disgusted with these people. Church has become a business and it is disturbing to see. A 501C3 means that it stands with the government. These churches will NOT tell you of Christ but of worldy, demonic ideologies. They are all on the same team. Wake up or go into the pit of HELL!

  4. It was Jesus who was lifted up to save us, as the serpent once was, it certainly won't be trump lifted up, although many do seem to worship the guy.
    Looking forward to your expose' Thanks

  5. Yeah. Not trusting that guy if he is saying the vaccine is from the true living God. That snake symbol is a satanic symbol. I know, I use to be into the occult. Wolf's in sheep clothing.

  6. The bronze serpent was a symbol of Christ inspired by God. This rushed vaccine is inspired by Satan. Its sick to even think that this guy is promoting the vaxx. However, if his flock is dumb enough to sit under his influence and be under delusion, so be it. The fact the Christian leaders are pushing for this vaccine, has even made me not want to take it even more.

  7. Trump = Daniel 11 19.

    Biden = Daniel 11 20.

    Obama = Daniel 11 21.

    It is Revelation 17:10-11 KJV Trump=6th Biden=7th Obama=8th & of the 7 the 5th head and the 8th.

    I keep warning what the holy spirit said to me after I humbled my self even if it falls on deaf ears.

    This is not an opinion or interpretation the holy spirit said this him self after I humbled my self after what happened to my mum and dad believing as a child trusting God fully like a child does a parent and that small still voice the holy spirt answered me.

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