John hits the ground running with an update on things happening in the world around us.



  1. Excellent as always John. Appreciate your hard work, your insight, you level headed delivery. A true man of God. Bless you and your wife’s sacrifice in doing what you do. Thank you.

  2. Thank you John and Pam for all you hard work keeping us informed. You are a wonderful blessing to us who are watching and waiting for our Lord to return. God bless your family. 💕

  3. Tru dough is a goat…so is a daisy…NZ pm… goats. Hope the protesters in NZ roll the beehive into Wellington harbour… love your work John… keep it up

  4. So grateful to hear your news from a Bible prophecy update ! from your next door neighbor in Mexico cty ,, where our country is also falling apart, with the populist communists terrible president we have now in power !🙀😬😵‍💫 but the Lord is in charge 🙏💥💞

  5. Thank you Bro John Haller for the prophetic words you put out sir. I know this takes a lot of time and study. But I learn so much from you so I thank you and your wife. God bless you and your family. ❤️

  6. People like Trudeau and the ones supporting him are so far from God that they are becoming mentally retarded in their blindness. They call evil-good and good – evil. Completely delusional.

  7. Thank you Fellowship Bible Chapel for your continued work on Bible Prophesy and the entire word of the TRUTH. My last message to AR was too late during the live stream but just wanted them to KNOW that I am praying for them. It seems the enemy is everywhere trying to scatter the flock. @Atheist Rules you can take up your argument with GOD at the GREAT WHITE THRONE judgement that is written in the Bible but when that happens your argument will then be brought down the instant you face GOD! Repent friend. Hell is a horrible place to spend all of ETERNITY! Praying for you. Much love to this GODLY congregation, much love to you all from Tucson, Arizona. See you all soon. There will be a place at my table, MY ETERNAL home for each and every one of you, stay as long as you like. It will take all of ETERNITY to connect to all of our BROTHERS and SISTERS in Christ Jesus, we will never be bored or alone, our ETERNAL FAMILY is beyond amazing and extraordinary! Can't wait to meet you ALL!! Maranatha!!


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