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2022 Christian Movie Trailer | “Inside and Outside the Home”


After two thousand years of hoping and waiting, the Lord has finally returned! You’re welcome to contact us to learn about the Lord’s appearance and work in the last days, and to attend the Lamb’s feast.

2022 Christian Movie Trailer | “Inside and Outside the Home”

Li Mingyi’s entire family believes in God, and he and his younger sister Li Lan enthusiastically expend for God. Li Mingyi performs his duties in another city for two years, but after he returns to his hometown, he learns that his sister often speaks of doctrine, and scolds others from position when she waters newcomers. Li Mingyi supports and helps Li Lan many times, hoping she will seek the truth and solve her own problems. But soon after, Li Mingyi and his co-workers find out that Li Lan has suppressed and retaliated against the brothers and sisters who give her advice, so they point out her problems to help her, but she doesn’t accept at all. The brothers and sisters have discernment of Li Lan and report her problems one after another, so Li Mingyi and his co-workers dismiss her from her duties in accordance with principles. But Li Lan is dissatisfied about this, attacks and judges leaders and deacons at gatherings, says that they are suppressing her, misleads the brothers and sisters, draws people in to her side, and disturbs the brothers and sisters as they read God’s word at meetings. Li Mingyi recognizes that his sister is an evildoer and should be expelled, but is afraid she will lose her chance at salvation, so he finds himself in a dilemma. Does he protect his sister based on his emotions, or does he expel her and maintain the work of the church by upholding the principles of truth? Please watch this movie.

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  1. You people should stop nailing CHRIST to the cross through your worldly life style the churches are not living CHRIST like life style anymore Revelation 22:16-19,Deuteronomy 22:5,1corinthians11:4-7,13-16 as a woman the hair on your head is given to you to cover your skol so when you are going to church or praying you should cover both your hair/skol with hat or cloth because it could make you miss heaven Revelation 20:11-15)remember if you miss heaven you will not miss lake of fire

  2. If we still extend our emotions or support to satan. It means we are helping satan.
    We are still under satan's influence. It's a harmful thing.
    Satan is very cunning.

    Thanks be to Almighty God for sharing truths with us.


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