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2022 English Christian Song | “The Manifestation of the Holy Spirit’s Work”

When the Holy Spirit works to enlighten people,
He generally gives them knowledge,
knowledge of God’s work and of their true entry,
and also knowledge of their true state.
He also lets them understand God’s urgent intentions
and His requirements for man today.
So that then they have the resolve
to sacrifice their all to please God,
to love God even in hardship, even in persecution,
and to stand witness for God,
giving their life without regret.

If you have this kind of resolve, it means
you have the stirrings and work of the Holy Spirit.
Even so, you should know that you are not possessed
of such stirrings at every passing moment.
At meetings when you pray and eat and drink God’s words,
you can feel very moved and inspired.
When others fellowship on God’s words,
it feels so fresh and new to you,
and your heart’s perfectly clear and perfectly bright.
It’s all the Holy Spirit’s work.
Maybe you are a leader
and the Holy Spirit gives you exceptional enlightenment
when you go to the church to work.
You get insight to church problems
and knowledge of truth to resolve them.
You are able to be incredibly earnest,
so responsible and serious in your work.
Yes, all of this is the manifestation,
all of this is the work of the Holy Spirit.

from Follow the Lamb and Sing New Songs

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  1. This was extremely wonderful and powerful song . Blessed be to God and a great pleasure to the church of mighty God 🙏 bless you Lord, thanks for serving in truth and spirit big up to you brotheren. Much love


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