1. I know of 3 righteous men that God has favored. One is in Texas, one is in Michigan, and one is my oldest brother in Illinois 🤔. I’m not sure if America has anywhere near 50 righteous people. I’m not really righteous myself. I know I lack in many areas…

  2. Psychic Reading from Occultist Tomi and his Fortune Telling for the year. Really dude, you are corny. Maybe your poor itchy eared subscribers do not comprehend a wolf in sheep's clothing, but LOL, you are obvious!

  3. Thank You Lord for Your word and Your son. God is at work as always. May we remain pleading to God in His will for us amidst all set to happen. Thankful for His grace & Heavenly glow upon us!!!

  4. GOODDOG-USA says "Hello"! He mentioned you and discussed your prophetic message with us! Thank You! I'm Blessed GoodDog-USA introduced you to its! May God Shower You and Your Family and Others Watching You With Love, Safety, prosperity! Love You All!!

  5. This prophecy is authentic. It is similar to what God said to me December 31 during the cross over prayers. I came across this video and it just proves that God's word is yes and Amen. He is not an author of confusion. God bless you sir.

  6. I'm back to say, one by one the prophecies are coming to pass.

    Roe v Wade, was off the table but the Lord did the unthinkable and turned it around

    Scientific breakthroughs in health and astronomy/space I've seen

  7. Where can we find the online classes for prophetic ministry. How to learn to speak with God.
    Also my next question is . The census you spoke about. Are they giving the fix for the census… and is it the mark of the beast? I just want sound counsel.

  8. I came back to this word tonight because when I got home yesterday and today, what was at my door, a single firefly. I thought it was odd because I have not seen a firefly in my area for quite some time (a few years). I saw it again tonight and decided to record it and Holy Spirit reminded me of this 2022 prophecy. I know there’s something the Lord wants me to grasp. I’m in the United States 🇺🇸 Glory to God!!

  9. I love the way this prophet speaks; almost like you are listening to a voice from heaven . Fire flies glow because they contain luciferase the glowing enzyme protein. The same luciferase that was infamously denounced as an evil plan to put the devil’s mark in everyone through COVID vaccine. Maybe the Lord was pointing out that the prophet had got that one wrong? It occurs to me that if the God who created the sun wanted his people to shine in the dark, He would use a much brighter source of energy; one that will outpower darkness. The firefly can generate enough light to lighten up its own self; it can hardly brighten up its environment, but the Bible calls us to be the light of the world.

  10. 저는 한국인입니다
    선지자님의예언을 듣고 싶은데 영어로 들을때는 몰라서 한국어로 번역하여 주시면 감사하겠습니다 평안하십시오

  11. Aww man, I missed fasting in Jan😢 Thank you for this. Just wanted to say, I can't speak to anyone about the Lord, I am getting so much backlash just wanting to talk about him, his miracles, his creation and just everything, That now I seem weird or lost😭God has shown me through Bible reading that I am being Naive to think that the people I thought cared about my good findings are not fond at all. In my background I have sinned so much, I was so blind to my actions then something happened to me that I can't properly explain to people. Now, there is a different sight, a different seeing as if the creation of God now looks more beautiful than ever before and I like the outdoors though it feels different now. Everything is different. Every day I think about the lord and want to talk about it but there is no one to talk to. Its been 2 years now since my new finding in Jesus Christ and I am still lost in action, but know certain answers. Still have not found the right church family😐 I don't know how to act upon it now. Your msg actually confirmed the digital asset of things which is another I couldn't explain to anyone, they just weren't interested and said that it is spam😕 Anyway not sure what to do about the attitude towards the Lord or who I am actually talking to. Does anyone have any idea? lol, So much running through my mind on all, a lot, just so much knowledge and wisdom, So much Love! Again I thank you for this msgThank you, Our Heavenly Father. In Jesus Christ name, Amen.

  12. I'm seeing this guy is coming to Canada for a revival. Nobody can come to Canada without being jabbed. God wouldn't have anyone submit to that luciferian toxic juice.

  13. Tomi, you mentioned in one of your prophetic videos that sometimes the fulfilment of prophecies overlaps into the following year. May I offer (and you may already know this because you mention rosh hossanah in another video) the fact that the biblical year starts in the Spring on the Jewish calendar not in January. So from about March to March every year. This will also explain why the "Sept"in September means 7, even though we say it is the 9th month of the year.Blessings

  14. Tomi, my daughter Sarah have a dream just today.
    And in her dream only me she saw.
    Sarah's Dream:

    Me (her father) – Star directly ascending to me
    Me (her father) – Fly in the heavens
    Appeared – Lord Jesus
    Give to eat – White Flower
    Showed – Blood moon
    Given – Giant Bible

    What is that all mean sir Tomi? Can the Holy Spirit tell you what is the meaning of her dream?

  15. What do you mean by, "risk digital assets"?
    Is it cryptocurrencies linked to web 3.0?
    "….and a fourth turning"? The cryptocurrency market recently imploded. In terms of Elliott wave analysis it was the completion of a 4th wave. (?)

  16. Tomi, this is the very first time I have heard of you. I am so blessed that the Lord drew me to your ministry. The Word the Lord gave you moved me to tears! These are words that the Lord has been speaking into me and is now confirmed. Thank you for your heart and boldness. May our Lord Yeshua richly bless you and your generations. May He protect you through this all. I am looking forward to the day in where we get to meet as the Lord leads. Be blessed my brother and Thank you


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