This session is about what God told me about the coming year. Originally published as a part of God’s Heart for 2022, the Online Prophetic Conference that first aired on December 3, 2021.

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Troy Black is a Christian YouTuber, author, and prophetic voice. His two simple goals are to be obedient to the Holy Spirit and to get the gospel of Jesus Christ in front of as many people as possible.



  1. Thank you for showing the love of God's grace in your live as it gives me inspiration to receive it in my life I am praying more and wanting Jesus and Heavenly Father more in my life and Feeling the Holy Spirit in my life as well.

  2. Troy I understand what your saying so much having been touch by his grace also but don’t you find it so overwhelming at first ? Also how many our touched like this and can communicate with God directly ? Are there a lot like us ? I would like to talk to more people like us since I’m very new to this about 3- weeks . Anyway let me know when you know! Thanks and god bless you and your family?

  3. I have been watching religious videos for years on youtube and reading the bible daily and scared to death of not making to heaven and have heard and seen every possible explanation for salvation with zero comfort from it until today. I almost didn't watch your channel because of the prophetic part, but kept watching anyway. You put it into words that finally made since to me. I can't THANK YOU ENOUGH ! GOD BLESS.

  4. How much you want to bet this 2022 prophetic whatever he calls it if not going to come to pass I've been writing all these profit that ends up saying where was going to take place in 2020 it didn't happen 2021 it didn't happen and he's going to be attitude the list of these people that say things that are going to happen in 2022 do you really think God deals with people to tell him what's going to happen every year that's not even spiritual that's not what's God called the church for the church was called to preach the gospel it just shows you that picture doesn't even preach the gospel I haven't seen this young man yet talk about the real teaching of the Gospel of Jesus Christ I know why because he doesn't know

  5. I just want to say I see the love and grace of Jesus Christ on you and true humility. This is spirit led and biblically solid teaching with the prophetic. Thank you for sharing it was very encouraging!

  6. hi troy, i believe money is one thing that makes the boundaries of the swimingpool.
    without money, it would be the generosity of the people around us who make the boundaries.
    this generosity also works inside the tight boundaries of the pool.

    merry christmas good troy, good to see you in grace

  7. Troy have a few unsoken prayers .my son Josh has a prayer request and the good Lord knows all about it we need God to walk past through this and be there for him and with him, pray for my children and grandchildren and family too continue to be safe and healthy but most of all sort of the good Lord with all their hearts and that they will learn how Jesus loves us and that they will strive to know who he really is we just have a lot of prayer and our family would you please just left me and my family up to the good Lord God knows all God bless you Troy God's true ladies and you in your ministry

  8. First, I rarely comment on YouTube, so this is a little unusual for me, but here it goes… I use to think that God's love and miracles were for more deserving people than myself. I was indoctrinated into a church that believes you have to work your way into God's love and into Heaven. I was the Pastor's wife for over a decade. I kept up appearances and made the congregation believe we had the perfect marriage, but it was all a lie. The constant emotional and spiritual abuse that took place in my life at that time changed me forever. My marriage ended in 2005, and I'm just now starting to understand what God's love is truly about. It's been a long and painful journey. I have a long ways to go, but I'm on way. I listen to your videos a lot. I don't trust easily, but I can see that the Holy Spirit is speaking through you, and sometimes it feels like the message was just for me at that moment in time. Thank you for your obedience to God and for putting these spirit filled messages out there for people like me who don't think they're good enough for God's love. God bless you and your family.


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