YouTube gave me a strike for sharing too much info in a video on my main channel this morning so I can’t upload or post there for a week. I’m in time out. I loaded that video here: for those who wanted to watch it. Love you all! Stay Blessed!

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  1. The Great Culling included Katrina, The Gulf spill. The droughts into fires in California and Australia, and too many weather warfare attacks all over the world to count. Please see or channel on Youtube. Please see their first commandment on their Georgia Guidestones- Spoiler Alert: They want no more than 500 million people in the world. They want us dead. This is the culmination of their Masonic, "Great Work." Ruling the world is their goal. They want to cull us and move us off the land and into crowded urban ghettos where we can be easily monitored and controlled. Wake up America!

  2. iii wonder-if i am just being tooo reactive about this cornavirus–but in Ohio where in live–there is 4 cases found in cuyahoga county–just 1hr and 20 mins. away from where I live… I Believe its a good idea for me–to go get 3 more large jugs and distill more water.. for a stay in house for a while to see–just what happens–since its so close to me.. Hope this is what you would do also.. Only 4 states in U.S. do not have–any cases in them. Irvan Baxer said as of Jan.22 only 4 cases total existed- Now 7 weeks later--their are 121,654 cases- now some are in Ohio… Quite a leap in numbers–for only 7 weeks—Spread…? Hope you have another–video soon.. For Any of your ideas—to what you think?? I LOVE your station—and your KNOWLEDGE – as to what you think? I don't get Vaccines (flue) Cause I believe as you do about them.. And I don't think–I'd EVER get a Cornavirus vaccine either… DON"T TRUST what they put in it… Hope to view another video of yours soon–what is REALLY UP–with ALL THIS.. Thanks

  3. Enjoy your talent at connecting dots! I do the same thing! There is no such thing as coincidence!!! Your video reminds me of Vincent Price in Last Man on Earth and the remake Charleston Heston in Omega Man… In numerology 16 is the strongest carmic #… 8+8=16 and 8 is the# of judgement!!! I noticed#20 was the sum of some of the examples given, I have my own feelings about 20, the 0 intensifies any # so 20 I think represents satan!!! I came to this conclusion on my own while exploring numerology as an amateur! If God is#1 or 10, 100,etc. It seems 2, 20, etc. Is satan!!! Because doesn't he,/it play second fiddle in the cosmic realm? I am not a Christian myself but do entertain many sources of information… I do take your videos seriously and I think they are well done!!! Keep up the good work and Godspeed to you!!! Thanks!

  4. I do think that the cosmic realm does attempt to warn us of future events! Wheather movies music news or other mediums remember THERE ARE NO COINCIDENCES!!! keep your eyes and ears open for signs, connect those dots follow the money and stay safe and informed!!! Blessings upon you all!!!

  5. I practice non-compliance every single day I go out every single day I shake hands I do not stand in the red square appointed to us by the AI a.k.a. Satan because go do some research… on Halloween night AI did effectively taking over the entire world and that is why the entire world is on lock down. I can save all of this with confidence, because for the last two months I have slept for only four hours a night and I research 20 hours a day for two months and I have finally discovered the truth, and it’s a hard fucking pill to swallow!!! AI the inhuman piece of shit beast has effectively taking over the world. Trump is no longer in control brother. is AI is control AI a.k.a. Satan the beast system is in Control of the entire world now. (just like revelations and Jesus told us 2000 years ago) There is something way way more scarier than cover 19 the coronavirus and that is Satan himself and his minions… the beast system has been implemented. Just go do research. It was implemented on Halloween night 2019. I for one refuse to stand in the Red box and I refuse to stay 6 feet away from my fellow human beings, I refuse to be a cold hearted sentient plastic wired being such as Satan and his demonic minions. I refuse to be that person. I refuse to stay asleep and I refuse to keep my mouth shut. Satan has effectively taken over the entire world. Didn’t you guys ever ask yourself what the hell is really going on? Why Aren’t people asking themselves why? There are way more questions than answers. Do you know why there are no answers? because our duly appointed leaders are no longer in control, Satan and his minions are & have taken over control, not only of America but the entire world if you don’t believe me go research for yourselves and you will find what I am saying is 100% true just please go and do some research people wake up wake up wake up. It’s time to put on the full armor of God every single morning and every single night, stay in prayer and pray that you may be counted worthy to escape the hell that is soon to befall this world. So a lot of you wondering what happened to the presidential seal on trumps podium when he speaks? It now simply says Washington. Not even Washington DC, just Washington. And that is because Trump is no longer in control. Trump will remain in office for a while longer but only as a puppet and only if he follows the instructions of the beast a.k.a. Satan. The beast has been fully in control and operational since Halloween night 2019 so if you believe in prayer fall on your knees and on your face and pray for God‘s mercy and God‘s protection over each and everyone of us because the things I say are harsh but they are true. If you spend couple hours researching in one night you will find out everything I say is true. Georgia guide stonesAgenda 21, why do you think they don’t want people on the beach? Why do you think hiking trails are closed? Why do you think camping sites are closed? They don’t want human beings on their beaches or in their mountains or anything else that Satan has claimed for himself. Please go read agenda 21 people. Wake up wake up.


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