Tom MacDonald, King of conscientious rap! Today, us newbie fans and Christians look at “The System” and share our opinions and questions. We cover what we think the system that Tom MacDonald references actually is. We have a conversation about the Illuminati, end times prophecy, and the political left media manipulation.

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The System by Tom MacDonald

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0:01 – What IS The System Exactly?
16:10 – The Great Replacement Theory

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  1. Says he doesnt believe in conspiracy…goes on to shed light on the conspiracy….you're not wrong bud

    We have the holy spirit…is there not the spirit of the antichrist…influence…led…"cabal"

  2. Conspiracy theory: I think Satan is found in the being that all these super wealthy and influential people meet doing all the drugs we know the elites do. I think they're transhumanism and March for AI is an attempt by Satan to be manifested into this world.

  3. Tom Macdonald music is pretty self explanatory, it's all in the video 😂😂🤣🤣 the system is the same thing George Carlin was talking about when he said "it's a big club, n your not invited to the big club. And yes religion is part of the system considering the Vatican is part of the world's economic forum. Look who's all on the economic forum and you'll start figuring it out really quickly. N then go see what's new at the Vatican, like the snake head cathedral etc…….

  4. The "system" is a superorganism known as Homo sapiens. Our species has organized an enormously complex economic system that relies on the extraction of biological and physical resources. Because the global economy is growing exponentially at a rate that is approx 3% per year it will double in a little over 22 years and quadruple by 2060. This is obviously impossible. Even a doubling by 2044-45 is probably impossible. Because the resources taken from the earth to support our current rate of growth is based on credit (global debt is about 300 TRILLION $), and the ability of earth's systems to replace or renew what is removed is far slower than removal rates, the current population is living a life of affluence on the resources future generations will not have. We are depriving future generations of a sustainable existence. My assessment is that a great reduction in quality of life is but a decade away largely because food production will tank as ground water and fuel and summer heat limit grain production at scale. Expect famine and political instability. Conservatively, perhaps 3 billion will die this century as the system degrades and the climate becomes a hot house. We are in the 6th Mass Extinction- in 200 years our species along with millions of others will be gone and the oceans will be largely paleozoic in composition.

  5. I'm going to start by saying this I am an agnostic and not because I'm Ill informed nor wishy-washy I have simply looked at the evidence we have and come to the conclusion that there is not enough evidence to prove nor disprove the belief in a higher power. For simple illogical reasons such as the statement just made stating that Satan was given a certain Dominion over our but yet on the other side of the same coin it states that God is giving us absolute free will anyways let's set that aside back to the statement made why would a supernatural being that supposedly unconditionally loves us intentionally send some demon down here to negatively influence us unless you give him human reasoning I don't see how you can square that circle and if he's so perfect why did he make a angel that would eventually turn his back on him and lead more of his subjects to provoke and then instead of eliminating this problem you just sends it down and gives that problem control over us so that he can now start manipulating and destroying our lives again this doesn't sound like something someone that cares about you would do it sounds more like I don't care what happens as long as I get rid of the problem for me who cares where the problem goes and what it does after this point as long as he's no longer in my head

  6. I am writing this before I listen and then see from there. The system is comprised of many parts brought together by a conspiracy of the evil one. It involves governments, religions, false Christianity, educational institutes, things like UN, WHO etc..
    It involves the extremely rich (historically and newly rich.) The elite are involved. Big tech, big business and big government.
    It involves destroying Biblical values and anyone who holds to them.
    It is something that developed over a long period of time and is still evolving. There are still many more components. It has a goal to destroy man…to get back at God…and to take control…to become like God.
    As I said it is rooted in the evil one. It's his attempt to meet the above goal. It may seem man-made but it isn't. Everyone has their own goals and ways to reach them. They haven't sat down and developed a massive conspiracy. It's the evil one who brings all their plans together in a great conspiracy. But we already know how that ends.

  7. Wow! 😌 They say we should be with like minded people, you guys can be my neighbor anytime. Thank you for sharing your chat with us. I'm subscribe and anxious to hear much more from you. God bless!

  8. When she said bilderburge and he said I don’t do conspiracy theories I knew then he was far behind the conversation. Davos is the same thing. Wake up

  9. Demons in the Bible can refer to the forces of evil in the world as well as the devil himself. We are continually warned throughout scripture to be wary of demonic forces attempting to corrupt and influence. While many of the demons we must look out for are external, the Bible also reminds us we may have demons living within our own psyche that need to recognized and expelled. According to the Bible, demons are involved in multiple activities.

    The book, _Do Demons Still Exist Today_, by Dr. Roger Barrier outlines several passages in the Bible that refer to demons, including;
    *They are organized under Satan in hierarchical levels known as rulers, authorities, powers, and spiritual forces of evil (Ephesians 6:10-12).

    *Demons have the ability to “demonize” people. This is what the Bible identifies as demon-possessed; although the exact phrase, “demonic possession,” is never actually used in Scripture. People can be demonized which is another term for demonic possession (Luke 8:30).

    *Angels who joined with Satan in rebellion against God are called "fallen" and referred to as demons in the Bible. (Isaiah 14:12-15; and 2 Peter 2:4-10).

    *Demons are able to take shape, form and be visible to humans (Job 4:15).

    Demons may be exercised, or driven out, from a possessed person. (Matthew 12:45).

    *Demons confuse the truth by utilizing demonic lies and half-truths (1 John 4:4).

    *Those who worship idols and pagan gods are really worshipping and sacrificing to demons. Demons live to deceive people into worshipping themselves. (1 Corinthans 10:20-21).

    *The Bible teaches that demons can inhabit animals (Matthew 8:31).

    During the time of the great tribulation, demons, who since the fall, have been imprisoned in the lowest level of hell, are released to wreck incredible pain and torture upon those who are not Christians (2 Peter 2:4-5, Revelation 9:1-7).

    *Demons will eventually be chained along with Satan in the lowest level of hell, often called the “Abyss”, where they will be tortured for eternity (Revelation 20:10).

    *God has given us every tool necessary to stand against Satan and win. The best weapon we have in consistently defeating Satan is effective and constant discipleship.

    So, I think both of you are partially correct…

  10. It's too late …already has started. it's just not fast the end will take place over the next 100 years. it's just not all fast ….please tell me which horseman int on the playing field atm.PERIOD.


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