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Intro 0:00-0:06
Tunak Tunak Tun 0:06-10:32
Purity – 10:32-23:55
Icy Hot Stuntaz – 23:55-39:56

Neutral Milk Hotel – 39:56-50:45

Tool – 50:45-58:32
Napster vs Metallica – 58:32-1:13:55

Plastic Love – 1:13:55-1:24:21
Plastic Love Part 2 – 1:24:21-1:30:50
Mike Portnoy – 1:30:50-1:39:48
Numetal – 1:39:48-1:51:33
Limp Bizkit -1:51:33-2:13:15
Filthy Frank – 2:13:15-2:25:20
Zelda Song – 2:25:20-2:38:45
Crazy Frog – 2:38:45-2:51:31

Dir en Grey – 2:51-31-3:02:59

Visual Kei – 3:02:59-3:15-25

Brazil Song – 3:15-25-3:27:23
Taylor Swift – 3:27:23-3:38:22

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  1. man I've been trying to find one of these limewire frostwire songs sounded like Greg Graffin from Bad Religion I swear it was band named unwind and the song is called talking to the wall but no luck anyone else remember?

  2. Napster was great. I could find albums or bands I could not find in any music store in my area. Plus, the software to rip your own CDs was not as widespread back then (or, at least, it felt that way; I was in late Jr. High/Early High school in those days, so I could have been an ignorant kid or not well-to-do enough to get the software). Being able to make my own mix CDs was amazing.

    I distinctly remember when Napster started to crack down on the licensed music. I remember my friend putting "Geen Day" into the search to get Green Day's music. People were getting clever about circumventing the control measures.

  3. After you talked about that Measure song from the King of the Hill video, it's honestly been one of my favorite songs, such a good track.
    Also, I really do like these long compilation videos, gives me something good to watch while I draw or try to go to sleep

  4. I canโ€™t believe Iโ€™ve listened to this whole thing in one sitting- cleaning my kitchen, watering the plants, gaming, drawing- I was kinda zoning in and out as they talked. 9/10 experience

  5. Good vid. Helped me get through work today. One small issue, you titled the Taylor Swift on 4 Chan vid as " Brazilian song". And the mysterious Brazilian song vid wasn't added to the compilation. At least I'm pretty sure.

  6. At about 2:14:00 and the mysterious power metal song (first one covered). I tried a quick search in "Wang!"s YouTube channel where he first covered it and I can't find it. If someone could point me to the URL of it or the full name of the video I would appreciate it. From what little I've been able to hear the lead singer sounds like Jello Biafra (Eric Reed Boucher from the band "Dead Kennedys"). I would like to hear the clearest and most complete version of the song we have.

  7. Holy shit, I totally forgot about that WoW parody of Tunak Tunak Tun. My best friend and I didnโ€™t even play WoW but we were obsessed with that video when we were in middle school.

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