This quickly reminds me of the CNN story that just came out to REMIND us of 911 and then suddenly a simple fire made by homeless folk melts the steel and COLLAPSES the bridge, THEY LOVE TO EFF WITH US.
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  1. An open blaze fire cannot melt steel.Steel is just the element iron that has been processed to control the amount of carbon. Iron, out of the ground, melts at around 1510 degrees C (2750°F). Steel often melts at around 1370 degrees C (2500°F).

  2. Well NO ONE with a damn brain will believe this crock of shit .   Fire WILL NOT MELT STEEL  maybe 1" cheap re-bar will soften but it WILL NOT MELT . What caused the damn EXPLOSION ?  Oh the pvc conduit SPLODED  RIGHT .?  It can do that RIGHT ?  The idiots in the comments who claim pvc burns HOT enough to melt steel are either stupid or lying to mislead folks . Concrete WILL NOT BURN IN A DAMN STOVE IT CRUMBLES NOT BURN .

  3. White man ALWAYS
    holding us down!!

    Throwin that "homeless" word again! Think you mean indigent!

    Shoot, only homeless can call another mo&%$# fu&%$in homeless, a homeless!

    Zarbock out!😉😉

  4. And on April 3 an attorney named Trinh Huynh working for UPS who had just filed requests for all U.S. and Georgia documents relating to the I-85 collapse was gunned down in a cross walk while on her way to work. The documents were gone. This in broad daylight in Atlanta!

  5. They are very very sick and twisted people given over to the evil one,debased and reprobates thinking and doing?It's an evil force….there is no turning back for them……pray hard,consistently CHRIST is coming soon,God bless you Richie,don't think it odd the firie trials you go through,1 Peter 4:12– 14,it's all for the glory of our King JESUS


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