‘3 Signs God Is Telling You To Date Someone- Christian Dating’
It’s a valid question that so many of us ask ourselves.. ‘Should I date this person?’ Or ‘Is this the guy/girl God has for me?’ Well, we think God has ways of letting us know if He’s blessing the relationship.
These are just three signs we decided we’d share because they really stood out to us and some even happened to us personally. We know there are many more as God speaks in lots of ways. And some signs that work for us or others might not work for you. And that’s okay. God works in all kinds of ways!
Share a way He has revealed something to you in the comments below. Enjoy this Christian Dating Advice 🙂 Much love!

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  2. What if you have a desire to read the Bible more when you find out this person is a Christian? And does the verse in Corinthians work where it says love is patient love is kind love does not envy. If you can fit their name in where love is everytime that's good right?

  3. i known my current bf for 5 years but never thought I would date him, but i was also in heavy denial of my true feelings about him but I didn't want to date at work (he was a coworker I used to work with before I got fired. he's still there). once I lost my job, I got out of my abusive relationship and something pushed me to text him if he wanted to hang out… mind you, we never hung out legitimately but only at work (2 times outside of work out of 5 years) so we weren't close like that. anyway, I texted him one night because I felt something pushing me to do it and we've been together for 3 months soo far and I have been super happy since!

  4. Tip #1: "if God speaks very clearly to you like you literally hear his voice saying, date this person" Some clueless guy out there might interpret this as a very strong maybe(LOL). Who would need a second opinion on the literal "word of God?" 😂 Dating advice from the first match Maker.

  5. Can God talk to you through signs? something Like superstition. For example: I think I’ve been in love with the same guy for 6 years (and I’m 17) and last night I was praying about it and I was like “God I need signs, of this song comes next then it means that I’ll marry him” I know it sounds really stupid and I don’t really believe in coincidences but I always do those things and I don’t know if it’s just stupid or it really is God.

  6. Like how can I surely know that those feelings is actually from God cuz lately I've been telling someone of what I felt for him and I got rejected cuz he said he see me as a sis in Christ. Does this means that God doesn't want me to date that person or is it he is just not right for me ?

  7. Hi I have a question, so a few months I told God to give me a sign about this guy who goes to church and he gave me a sign that this was not the one because he’s been doing a lot of bad stuff lately he just wasn’t right with God even though he goes to church. But then there’s my best friend that I have always loved as a sister and he doesn’t love God but he likes me a lot and I asked God to give me a sign if he was the one for me and the sign was is he text me in 3 days to see if I was doing great he was the one Ik it sounds cheesy but I did it but Idk because he’s not Christian but he says he wants to know God. But I’m so confused about what my position here is. I keep asking God to talk to me and tell what to do but no answer. But do u have any advice?

  8. Unfortunately Jesus Christ doesn’t give people boyfriends he gives people Husbands and wife’s if your a male it’s a wife
    Female it’s a husband watch Bill Wiese on YouTube

  9. sadly my sister is dating someone who isn't a Christian and she doesn't understand that being in a serious non-christian relationship may not be healthy. Instead of the 'all the stars alining" the complete opposite is occuring .All of her christian friends are saying that dating a non-christian isn't God directed and same with all of our family members. My dad has said twice that this guy is not right for her. Help! How can I help or be a a witness to her 🙁

  10. God dont. Work that way. Its a young womans fathers job to find her a suitable husband. One who is god fearing and of good family. God is not a machmaker he had laid out the.priciples for marriage but the rest is op to us humans to follow these principles

  11. I have prayed for someone who loves God as much as I do and just a good person that has empathy and kind towards others just all that fun stuff m,

    Only thing is this guy that just requested me as a friend maybe almost a week ago who seems to be all of that and I know this seems out there. But from what I can see about him and heard he is all of that.

    I also more than anything I could be losing it Haha but seemed drawn to him to want to learn more and work together with him to spread the word of God our stories and I can just seem him doing that I have noticed that he speaks in ways that I do! Haha and it's crazy that I something is just telling me go ahead and try just try see who he is and he will like you for you!

    So I dunno I get shy and I've never met him but I know he refurbishes furniture so I have something that needs work so maybe I will eventually see if he can help 🤷‍♀️ and I dont wanna be a wierdo but just some way to see him in person and just say hello! Ok that's enough of my story here Haha imma subscribe whoo hoo!


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