The messages in this dream are impactful and highly strategic. The details are incredible and mind-blowing. THE LORD SEES YOU. He has plans for you, God is setting you up to WIN.

The Lord is revealing THREE THINGS He is about to do STARTING NOW, and this word will stretch into 2023 and beyond. In the mighty name of Jesus.

I praise the Lord for this message, for He has not given us milk in this season, nor has He given us mere morsels. King Jesus is giving us prime food, choice meats, a feast fit for royalty — hallelujah!



  1. Pls prophetess urgently pray for my 2yrs old girl grand daughter she s in hospital for drip she s got diarheo PLS PLS PLS my daughter is in tear hundreds of kilometers away from me I m in Eastern Cape she s in Gauteng I promised her I m strong for her and her baby ket s keep on praying PLS help me my pillar I do nt have penny to go to her PLS PLs

  2. Woman of God, This is true prophesy. My husband and I traveled during the time of this video to a new territory and have been in prayer asking God to confirm if this is where he wants us, this video was my confirmation. Also, my husband and I are believing for our home as well. To God be the glory!! Thank you God for you richly blessing us, your children! I love you Lord!!!

  3. A Complete turnaround…AMEN…Thank you Jesus!
    Holy 🔥
    🔥 JIREH +
    I RECIEVE this message+
    GOD BLESS you woman of God !
    YOU ARE Beautiful
    **. ******* ****
    I am receiving my New Home..GOD IS GOING TO DO IT!

  4. I made a hasty purchase and now I need GODs mercy and help to revoke the contract with little to no penalty. I need a place to live I'm 62 single alone and I made a big mistake. I do sow my connections are via YouTube.

  5. Woman of God, do you know or read this beautiful book of Dr Francis Myles on tithing as people are losing this powerful means of blessing from the Lord. It is also very good on the understanding of tithing according to the order of Melchisedek. TITHE$ OF HONOR( TITHING UNDER THE ORDER OF MELCHISEDEK) BY DR FRANCIS MYLES.

  6. Amen and amen. Please pray for household salvation and restoration for all that was stolen from us and release all of Gods provision over us now in Jesus mighty name I pray Amen

  7. Yes and amen 🙏 thank you lord hallelujah glory toGOD amen I receive healing and deliverance n my life and family NJN amen hallelujah lord amen thank you blessings prophetess 🙏❤️🙌🔥💗🧡💚💛🩸

  8. Amen! 🙌🏼 🙏❤️ I have a special request…can you please add the transcript option to your videos? I have a hard time hearing and understanding words at times and the transcripts help to follow along. Thank you!


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