4-4 02-07-2010 raw w/slides – Mid-East Bible Prophecy Update

In this weeks Middle East Update on Bible Prophecy in relation to current events in these Last Days before the return of our Lord and Savior Jesus the Christ (Messiah) of Israel, Pastor J.D. looks at the Bible’s prophecy of the destruction of the Nations coming against Israel in preparation for the Rapture and the Great Tribulation. Do current events line up with what the Bible foretold will happen in the time before the great tribulation (or time of [Israel’s] Jacob’s trouble) and if so how does it fit in with the overall prophetic picture given in God’s Holy word, the Bible.

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  1. The profecies were fulfiled with the restauration of Israel, romans 2:28 is talking of regular people about salvation not being by race or works! Romans 11the whole chapter is dedicated for us ,to respect Israel and know that God has not replace it by the church, but the church has being granted the priveledge to be part of the promises giving to Israel! so brother THEONEWILLCOME read Romans11, and then I can give much more than that verse, By the way be bless by blessing Israel!


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