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4 More Prophetic #Dreams: Pelosi Drowned In Effigy, Israel Attacked, Forced Needles & Massive Quake


These are dreams. The Father is warning of future events.
Please pray for us dreamers. We are only human.
Follow #Jesus. He is Hashem Gods beloved son who died for you.



  1. This is the 3rd person who had a dream about a massive quake, also Nancy Pelosi has had other prophets speaking of here demise. It does sound like, it is not going to end well for her, either way.

  2. I remember one short dream from a couple of years back being in a sports stadium where the power was out though in the day time and there were a lot of fairly angry people. Anyway in the dream I was physically attacked for being Jewish even though in the real I am not.

  3. For there to be a quake that bad it would have to be something big happening and not just the usual tectonic but rather a large impact of some kind be it a large comet or asteroid. As for the leaders I am not surprised and may as well have the snacks and cold drinks ready.

  4. Going to be an interesting year and just trying to take it easy while I still can. Anyway I remember a comment someone left on a video years back of a dream he had back in the 90s of an 8.8 hitting Indiana and that people had to leave on foot because the roads were that bad.

  5. You look Great 💋🌹❤love the pink flower 🌸 it matches your background greenery🌿 Very insightful messege🙏and those of us awake can understand you loud and clear👍😃🐸


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