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4 Spiritual Barriers Blocking God Giving You the Love of Your Life


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  1. One thing I want any of my single brothers and sisters to remember is that you may be ready for marriage, but your future spouse isn't. My husband had a great desire to be married starting from when he was 18. And we didn't meet until he was 28. So he waited 10 years for me. But what he didn't know is that when he was 18, I was only 12 😂. He was literally waiting for me to grow up. We met the day before his 28th birthday, and I was only 21. So always remember there may be a very good reason that you haven't met your spouse that has nothing to do with you, but everything to do with them ❤❤❤

  2. I subscribed to AGW University. I am about half way through the studies because I am in school. It definitely helped me focused on myself and heal. But it also challenged how I viewed marriage. I highly recommend his courses even though I have not completed them all.

  3. No offense I want to for a fight God for sure but I'm not interested in having a relationship with anybody I'm not hating on anybody I'm just fine the way I am . Genuinely the love of my life is Jesus Christ and I don't want to hear any people's comments about oh you're this or that who are you to judge me I have the love of my life which is Jesus and I mean business .

  4. Honestly, I've barely gotten past 3 minutes of listening to this. Because in the first part, you say that you can fear to return to a church or to closer Christian relationships. I mean, it's super courageous for you to say that and it's true. I don't know if I would describe the churches I attended as "cults," but I'm wary and uninspired about returning. That bothers me. Thank you for just not pretending that there is a growing problem of abuse in church. I think grace is important, but I also think we should be vigilant.

  5. I think you miss understanding what real and not in reality. Paul or the Apostles 1 did falow… 1 – the convenant witch it's the 2 stones place it in to the arc. No way it's work the way you and 99.999% of this world teach and beleave. You know why? Remember what Jesus answer to the man come to the door of heavens, the door did no open for him and he complaint, But i did miracles in your name Jesus, what Jesus answer? I do not know you! Luc 18 18 to 21 shows how corrupted are the new testament so this can be explane by Ephesian 6-12, principality ! 99.999% of alls christians video, movies are juste wins. The old testament, the convenant Jesus falow has christians most look and falow. Maby read proverbes. Exode, read it slowly. Dont start with the new testament, you wont know what in reality you.most falow. No place show in the new testament what to falow intead Luc 18 18 to 21 but they show only 5 out of the 10 commandements, that'snot and error!. Take care. The only one whoo should teach are thoses witch God. Jesus and the holly spirits did talk to them, ask them to do so! Not a single other can other wise get the truth seriously, wit advise from thoses God talk with, es they cant. university teach not in any place what comes 1. The 10 commandements witch it's the only thing can give you grace. Alls this it's well explane but only few know this. Other wise by not teaching this things, many be shown has wolfs and false prophète.

  6. The clarity that I found in understanding God more is priceless (His Sovereignty and His Glory). Reading Mark's books "Intertwined – Our Happiness is Tied to God's Glory" and "The One" truly has given me more peace about marriage. I recommend both books. You will be blessed. God knows "I want to be married!". The only thing I have in my control is my preparation and application.

  7. I had never heard of spiritual agoraphobia, but I do feel anxiety in a church setting. I am afraid to commit to a church and get myself trapped in something. I didn't know it happened to anyone else.

  8. I know I've said it before, but I'm so grateful for this video ministry. This unique series is like a light in a dark world, especially for a demographic that falls by the wayside. I've gained a lot of wisdom, and I'm grateful. I need some wisdom- from anyone, really. I know that you can either accept circumstances that engender unhappiness, or try to change it, but how do you know when it's time to accept that a dream will never come true? For example, hypothetically speaking, say your dream is to marry the person God meant for you, or to become a veterinarian, but you fear that it's too late because you're too old or you chose the "wrong" profession, or you fear that you and your one true love can never be together because that person is absent from your life? Things weren't always this way, but I'm in a season of life where I'm deeply dissatisfied with my life, and I know I'm not where I'm meant to be, and the prospect of being imprisoned in this season forever fills me with sadness. Thank you for honest answers. I can accept an honest answer even if it's not the one I hope for.

  9. Currently stuck with number 4 it’s really hard because I’ve never had such great chemistry with a woman before but I know she’s not the one and that she’s too involved in the world and not willing yet to come to Christ. It hurts but I know need to let her go but it’s so hard because I see her everyday at work and she makes me smile so much but I know she definitely is in my heart a lot and need to refocus back to Jesus!

  10. I can definitely relate to point #1. The problem with a toxic experience at church is that it's near impossible to join another community which isn't very similarly structured to the last one; accountability is often a problem with church leadership which causes the toxicity in the first place. You can end up having to go to a completely different type of denomination which may be unsuitable for cultural (including ethnic) or doctrinal reasons. These divisions shouldn't exist but they do.

    I think hurt people have to work on themselves with God's grace then gradually reintegrate with the Body of Christ by His direction. More church members also need to understand the importance of building consistent relationships instead of viewing people as mere ministry opportunities, especially those who are single.

  11. Please pray for me! My boyfriend and I love each other very much, but we have a problem with fornication. We want to get married one day. I’m scared that God wants us to break up, and I don’t want to lose him. I pray that my bf has a change of heart and turns away from sin with me😭✝️

    Edit: Thank you to those who have replied and given advice. I will not break up with him, and I have told him about what’s been on my mind. He was completely supportive of stopping fornication for the sake of our relationship! Thank you God✝️❤️

  12. I have accepted the reality that I could possibly be single the rest of my life, that is unless God moves a mountain and it is his absolute will for my life that I marry. I say this because I am 40 something years old, never married, no children. Let us all be real with ourselves, not too many men over the age of 40 who have never married, is living a godly life and wants a godly wife. The bible states I cannot marry a divorced man. Majority of men who are worth marriage are already taken. So what is a woman to do…sigh.

  13. Hi Mark, you have good insight on spiritual and relationship matters. There are so so many reasons that can block relationships, yes. Being a Christian in this wicked world makes it so much worse. It's like fishing in a polluted pond 😆

  14. Honestly, in my case, it's because I am not good enough for women and am ugly and worthless to women that God has called me to be single for life. As such there is no reason for Him to give me access to romantic love. How do you suggest that I accept being happily single for life?

  15. I took the AGW University course two years ago. I highly recommend this course if you are desiring to prepare for a godly spouse. The path is made clearer by The Word of God.


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